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Publish Your Movie Collection On The Internet

One of the more interesting features of movie cataloging software is exporting to HTML files. The output created by some software can be used to create a personal website detailing your movies, or just add a section to an existing site. Other programs offer the ability to publish details about your collection on the developers'server.

In either case the result is the ability for the average person to create some very nice looking web content without knowing (or doing) much. The resulting webpages can be as simple as a table of titles, directors, and actors or as complex as a single detailed page per movie with an automatically generated table of contents to navigate from one to another. For very little work and with little or no understanding of web authoring you can get very polished results.

If you don't already have your movies cataloged with Ant Movie Collector, DVD Profiler, Movie Collector Pro, or All My Movies you may want to start with our guide on the subject before reading the instructions in this guide.

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If you're not sure which program to use you can find a review and comparison of these four programs (plus another not included here) in our News section.

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Aside from DVD Profiler's online component, all the instructions we'll be covering will be intended for creating the files necessary to create a webpage. You will still need to have some sort of web server access, such as signing up for free or paid personal web space, in order to make full use of it.

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The first program we'll cover is the free Ant Movie Catalog. Despite being freeware it can export collection data in a number of formats, including fairly sophisticated HTML.

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Written by: Rich Fiscus