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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Oct 2000 16:02

Time to list last week's top download charts. These charts represent, as usual, those files that our users have downloaded most and don't exist on our all-time charts (yet). Just to give you a some kind of a feel of our traffic and download numbers -- we're expecting to get 50k software downloads in this month, our bandwidth consuming is something that 99% of ISPs would kill us for.
Remember to use our notifying feature -- each and every software item has a link for this one. By choosing this option, our system will send out an email telling you that the software you've chosen, is updated and gives you the URL to download it right away.

Hot programs

1. ALLnONE frontend for Bytefaker's Rip Pack
2. DVD2MPG Squeezer v1.16
3. The AngelPotion video codec v1.0 build 702
4. AVI-Plugin v0.15 beta 3
5. AC3Dec v0.8.19
6. WinDVD 2000 v2.2 Trial Version (English)
7. PowerDVD v2.55 trial
8. FlasK MPEG v0.594
9. VirtualDub v1.4c
10. MPEG2AVI / AC3DEC / vStrip GUI v0.19L

Hot MP3s

1. Grinister : "Have You Ever Wondered Why (Demo)"
2. EMS-Project : "502 - a Tribute to the Paradroid"
3. EMS-Project : "The Ballad of Silence"
4. EMS-Project : "Liquid World - the North Sea remix"
5. Dj Rocco : "Mag's Fashion"
6. VXpanded : "Anticipation"
7. Finn Cream : "Aamuun"
8. HOLOCHAUST : "Beyond the Violence"
9. Finn Cream : "Kissanainen"
10. EMS-Project : "Seven Shadows"

Hot skins

1. 062-AZD v1.0
2. Red Dawn v1.0
3. kenwood rack
4. Black Dawn v1.0
5. a309 v1.10
6. 1960 v1.0
7. [^Century-Amp^]
8. 3210 Amp
9. 10 Minute Amp
10. TopazAmp

..we would also love to see more and more people to vote our skins. Pretty soon our left-hand menu bar will represent the most popular skins based on their user votes, not the downloads.

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