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Movie88 is back -- from Iran

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2002 2:13 User comments (15)

The notorious website that was forced to shut down earlier this year,, is back. Guys have moved their servers from Taiwan to Iran to avoid MPAA and "dumb" American laws that prevented them from offering latest box office hits for $1 a piece.
Site has rebranded itself as Film88, but the content is still pretty much the same. You can stream all the latest movies using your broadband connection and paying $1 a pop. Movies available include Harry Potter movie, etc.

It is interesting to see how MPAA will try to shut down this site -- U.S. and Iran don't have too good relationships and American entertainment is generally viewed as one of the main sources that drive societies away from Islamic religion. And by blocking a whole country from the Internet because of one site shouldn't really be an option that anyone with commercial interests would be able to do.

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15 user comments

16.6.2002 6:35

Its about time someone stood up for what should be the rights of everyone and to put down the american bully.

26.6.2002 19:34

Agreed, microray, but geeze...... Iraq, Iran.....terrorist countries, y'know? Supreme human rights' offenders. (I'm not talking about 'intellectual property rights', I'm talking about the right not to have your hands (or head) chopped off by local government for doing nothing-in-particularly wrong. I could never do business, any kind, internet or otherwise, with warring nations controlled by dictators. -- K. A. --

36.6.2002 21:24

OK ,A_KLINGON,We all have basic rights as free men.No one should be able to tell me what i can and can not do with my computer.I am 100% American and a 5year army combat vet.I have seen to many of our freedoms vanish

57.6.2002 2:17

Maybe we need a new topic on the main page on this. :)

67.6.2002 2:42

microray > No one should be able to tell me what I can and can not do with my computer. No one here is. But America's content providers ARE telling you what you can and cannot do with their content ON your computer, which pretty much amounts to the same thing. WHEN you can play it, IF you can play it, for HOW LONG you can play it, how MUCH you will PAY to play it, WHERE you can play it, in what MANNER you can use it, and for how long you can wipe your ass with it, IF they see fit to enclose a roll of toilet paper. microray > I am 100% American. Well, no one's perfect, I guess. (I think you can take a pill for that). <g> JUST KIDDING, MICRO ! microray > ...and a 5 year army combat vet. Then you are among the finest gentlemen this world has ever known. As a vet though, able to use your computer as you wish, would you want to stream video content knowing where it came from (Iran) and knowing too that your action would help to benefit that terrorist country? I forget what George Bush had to say about Iran, but it wasn't very nice. People, worldwide, through the internet, benefitting the politics of Iran. Pretty sick shit. microray > I have seen to many of our freedoms vanish. No argument there, but are you talking about political, social, human freedoms, or the systematic erosion of the kind of rights that your (MPAA) is shoving down our throats? Well, to tell you the truth, I'm working on that one. I will never send money to anyone who operates a business out of Tehran, however, I *have* been to the devil's pit at: (who wouldn't? - the news updates here at afterdawn are *fabulous*!) ... and they are offering a *free* streaming movie even to visitors who do not register with them. (I shall never register) - an old American western classic from 1931, I believe.. I am going to see if I can't somehow work my way around their streaming restrictions with StreamboxVCR, a nifty little piece of software you can find in here. I don't expect to find (major) success because as the film88 FAQ says, "...[we] have put every effort to design a secure site using proxies to prevent the downloading of any movie streamed by Film88." So, I probably won't be able to circumvent that, even though I have (necessarily) downloaded a horrible little turd called the RealOne media player. I'll let you know how I made out if anyone's interested. Best Regards, -- KlingonAgent --

77.6.2002 2:52

HOLEEE SH#T, THIS BOARD IS F-A-S-T ! I didn't even get my (above) message typed in before Rovastar mentioned Film88 had been shut down! (I'm going to examine this!) to microray: In some instances above, I am (was) just testing you. As an American I simply *admire* you for saying, "...put down the American bully". We all know what you mean. As we speak, I am compressing 1969's "Woodstock" concert in the background so that I can watch it (on my computer if I wish) without restriction. Guess I won't be able to test Streambox's capturing abilities on an Iranian-based film distribution point now. (I would have posted full details)> MY GOD, your political instutions weild such friggen' power over us! (Blocking/shutting down *Iranian*-sourced media!) f-r-i-g-g-i-n-g s-c-a-r-y. -- K. A. --

87.6.2002 3:01

They are fast aren't they. : Running the streaming server out of Holland it seems. It didn't think Iran had the ISP infrastructure to run that kind of set up.:) Anyway why am I on the Internet. The pub and World Cup beckons. Come on England.

97.6.2002 3:09

(yeah, they are, and *thanks* for the speedy update, Rovarstar.) [[and we're doing the NHL (hockey) playoff thing here in Canada]]. Ouuuu.... it's *so* funny..... yesterday, they were promising me the moon on a silver platter. Today, 5 minutes ago, I got their single page, "Our site is facing technical Proxy/Caching problem at the current moment. We will be back online soonest possible." (sic) Yeah right, don't hold your breath. (I wonder how many people registered on the site?) "Go England, GO !!" -- K.A. --

107.6.2002 4:15

Now it seems that they're back online again, checked the site 3mins ago. Although the server had some serious mySQL errors, but it seems that they're at least trying to get their site back online -- location? No idea. And btw. sorry about the server issues on our end, we're trying to cope with those as well :-) ...and yes, whole England seems to have halted, I'm feeling quite lonely at the office right now :-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

117.6.2002 9:03

OK,your right I dont have much use for any of the of the mid eastern states.Just wanted to blow of a little steam.Regards to all.

127.6.2002 9:24

not working here later. we won I love england :)

137.6.2002 11:18

Rovastar: Couldn't really care less, being a foreigner and preferring ice-hockey over football any given day :-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

149.6.2002 1:19

We're *all* foreigners, to someone. You live over there and I live over here and someone else lives somewhere else, and even though we all live in our own countries, still we are all, indeed, foreigners. I'm not sure if we'll be able to find a work-around or patch to fix this sort of thing, just remember to stick to the proven, well-known brands. It's all according to how one holds their nose, I'm told. (These are the kinds of things I think about, and which kept me out of the really good schools.) - K.A. -

1510.6.2002 6:14

OK,everybody had his say,I put my foot in my mouth,lets get back to having fun.Regardsto all

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