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First steps in Canadian P2P case

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Feb 2004 15:29 User comments (5)

First steps in Canadian P2P case First steps in court have been taken in Canadian high-profile P2P lawsuit, where Canadian Recording Industry Association is asking country's five biggest ISPs to hand over their subscriber details when CRIA asks them to do so.
But ISPs, especially a company called Shaw, are reluctant to do so without a court order, as they fear that such action would violate their subscribers privacy and would obviously be bad business as well. Also, CRIA is learning the hard way that identifying the correct users by IP numbers and P2P nicknames is bit tricky -- according to one of the accused ISPs, one of the three names they have been asked to hand over to CRIA didn't even have an account with the company during the alleged uploading infringement.

CRIA seeks in court a permission to force ISPs to hand over subscriber details without having to sue the alleged file sharers as "John Does" first. "Our message is for all Canadians. You've got to go off the illegal sites and stop uploading music. Everyone recognises this sort of distribution is illegal under Canadian law," CRIA's lawyer said to the press outside the courtroom today.

After all parties involved with the case had submitted their legal arguments to the court, Justice Konrad von Finckenstein adjourned the proceedings until March 12.


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5 user comments

120.2.2004 14:25

this is fucking stupid- if the world looked for Osama this hard we'd have him before the weekend ends!

221.2.2004 14:08

LOL that is a great insult. Goddamn you are right!! XD

322.2.2004 15:21

So in short, change your P2P nickname often, and don't let it relate to the user name you use for your ISP.

422.2.2004 15:29

...or turn off sharing and hope everyone else doesnt do the same

526.2.2004 20:28

i guess us little people don't have the same right of privacy that the rich and powerful have and guess who'll be the first to take yours away and scream blood murder if you tried to take theirs away. sorta reminds me of the german ss during wwII. perhaps they should allow you to black out privacy stuff like names and stuff. like the government does when they de classified documents.

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