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ShareReactor shut down by Swiss authorities

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 16 Mar 2004 2:53 User comments (53)

ShareReactor shut down by Swiss authorities Well-known P2P site ShareReactor has been apparently shut down by the Swiss authorities. According to news sources, Swiss Judical Inquiry Department of Thurgau has shut down the site due copyright infringements. The site was probably the world's largest site that listed direct links to pirated material in P2P networks, using so-called ed2k links that work with eDonkey2000-compatible clients (such as eMule).
The press release by the Swiss Judical Inquiry Department of Thurgau, translated by an individual third party:

Internet-Site taken offline

FRAUENFELD (kapo) Due to the suspicion of breach of copyright and trademark laws the cantonal judicial Inquiry department of Thurgau has taken down an Internet-Site that served as a link platform for filesharing offerings. A process concerning these matters against the 25 year old owner from Frauenfeld is underway.

The Internet-Site located in Frauenfeld was online for about 30 months and last had over 220.000 hits per day bevor it was taken offline by the Thurgau officials. The in search engines toprated site worked as a anchorpoint for links to downloads of copyright and trademark protectet games and movies that were offered on the filesharing network.

After a complaint from several large corporations, represented by the swiss association against piracy, the cantonal judicial inquiry department of Thurgau initiated an investigation, seized the servers in Frauenfeld and had the site taken offline.

The responsible owner, a 25 year old swiss proved to be very cooperative in explaining matters at hand. The inquiries continue and will take some time.

Ernst Vogelsanger

According to, also the ed2k stats site has been shut down, but by the author of the site rather than the law enforcement organizations.

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53 user comments

117.3.2004 03:52

Sucks. I wasn´t a heavy user of Sharereactor, but if there was a television episode I had missed and desperately wanted to see, I could always count on Sharereactor.

217.3.2004 04:39, not jingle :P

317.3.2004 09:05

really sucks... sharereactor was the one of the best site we had around for edlinks they also provided good news i hate to see it gone. yes i could always count on sharereactor too if ever missed something whether t.v show or movie i could always search it and find what i needed they always came through for me. :D the site was a bit slow, but sometimes it speed up, they'll surely be missed.

417.3.2004 11:08

Zeig Heil! Best to all, Rodgers

517.3.2004 15:43

damn... i think the Swiss did the same thing to too. because that doesn't work either. this is getting out of hand. was good too. and that one is dead as well. anyone have any good links to other newsgroups?

617.3.2004 17:37

well, I found a good site that is almost like a mirror site for The address is worth checking it out.

717.3.2004 21:32

The so called "authorities" eventually will have to realize that killing the only most popular filesharing site on the planet will not stop us. The well-payed authorities and MPAA and RIAA will have to accept the fact that their own way of making money is dead. Or they adapt to the new way or they will perish and is no use call us criminals and pirates, because Simon Moon and so many of us believe what we are doing is right. Changes in the game aren't good only to the card-dealers, people! Simon Moon, Kevin Mitnick, Linus Torvalds, Shawn Fanning...THEY are the ones that are going to be remembered for rocking this boat! Not some big-shot in MPAA or some cheap-bought USA Senate. I say hack the planet! Ask questions later.

818.3.2004 11:00

DocIsEvil - These guys are doing some newsgroup stuff.

918.3.2004 23:02

I'm swiss and it sucks! shame on the Department of Thurgau!

1019.3.2004 00:35

Don't be ashamed that you are Swiss and your goverment is behaving like a bunch of wankers. All goveremnts are becoming like this. I am starting to see a general trend in the world towards helping those with lots of money who can afford expensive lawyers at our expense. The RIAA and others claim that the musicians and record companies are losing millions to us. How come then that they are all driving Ferraris and Porches. I drive an old truck. Music is becoming an item only the rich can afford. The New World Order is on our Doorstep and a revolution is beginning on our keyboards. Dr Sadad

1119.3.2004 00:42

Does anyone have suggestions on where else to go that has emule/ed2k links. I was a dedicated shareactor person because of the high quality of files. I don't know where else to go. Please let me know or email me at. Dr Sadad

1219.3.2004 07:38

These guys are building a backup for the old sharereactor database, they already have the most part recovered.

1319.3.2004 07:43

Try its in russian. but if you use bablefish to translate it. it shouldn't be so bad :-D

1421.3.2004 09:17

I have an idea how to fight those guys who want to close websites – one way is to create dispersed/distributed web/sql server. The lawyers could hunt down ftps – but they can hardly cope with p2p. So the next step is to create p2p webserver for hosting Xreactors. I propose two ways to implement this: 1.) hosting based on about 100 computers all over the web – a kind of edonkey2000 server backbone 2.) hosting based on every computer on the (updated) ed2k/overnet protocol. Content protection (against trashing) could be achieved by digitally signing the content (1024-bit private/public key) – all homemade, not by VeriSign or some other firm because of legal issues. Only certain people (administrators) could post new files on the network or update older files – those with access to the Xreactor digital private key. They would create content with a specialized software. Each file would have 32-bit (32-bit) file version, with older versions being automatically overridden by newer file versions. One would also need to implement a plug-in protocol for web browsers – a kind of ed2kweb protocol (eg. dw3k) so one could browse webpages based on this protocol (instead of http) The distributed webserver (dw3k) protocol – Distributed webserver for the 3rd millennium I think it would be best to implement as dispersed network as possible (the second way). I hope I’m not too cryptic. The text below was written within a few hours of divine inspiration. Bellow there is a new type of hash. SIZEFFFFF|0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF 555555555|RRRRRRkkkFFFFFFFFVVVVVVssssssss[X-bytes: file-content entry hash][X-bytes: digital signature of the hash whole hast signed by currently valid certificate of RRRRRR-kkk] RRRRRR – 24bit content identificator (which site – MyReactor, RussianReactor, Polish, Sci-Fi, XXXReactor etc); there is plenty on numbers (16 million) – they just shouldn’t overlap; each user could then choose in which projects would she/he participate. kkk – 12 bit (4096) key version (it the key has been compromised, the new key version) FFFFFFFF – 32 bit file (content entry) identificator (which file on the website) VVVVVV – 24 bit file version identificator ssssssss – entry size ----------------------- Allocating resources by client software ----------------------- Bandwidth- Each user should allocate about 10% of his/her upload bandwidth for the purpose of distributed webserver; these requests should be answered immediately. Disk space – Each user should provide a certain amount of space for the DW (distributed webserver file). All data for one DW should be in one file and a user should be able to limit the amount of space being used by the DW (700MB, a CD of data should be more than enough for one DW website) Less popular/spread entries should be given priority before their more frequent siblings – in case the allowed cache size is smaller that the size of DW website). ----------------------- Key infrastructure: ----------------------- Search for a public digital key (newest key / list of all key numbers / particular key) 555555554|RRRRRRkkk RRRRRR – 24 bit content identificator (which site) kkk – 12 bit (4096) key version (it the key has been compromised, the new key version) ----------------------- Software ----------------------- Both client (edonkey2000 client & eMule client) and server software (lugdunum) should be upgraded. When requesting a key for the RRRRRR website the one with the greatest number of signed files should be given by servers (for the protection of the network) – the Lugdunum should always check signatures on files if they are correct – if not they should be deleted. The client should do the same to avoid bogus keys. Dw3k browsing protocol plug-in for IE& Mozilla (browser asks your edonkey2000 client; the ed2k responds with by generating a webpage. ----------------------- Searching for projects ----------------------- Ed2k & Overnet protocols should be upgraded to enable searching for projects: What is given is the project number (RRRRRR) and the latest valid key ----------------------- Searching for users of the specified project RRRRRR-kkk ----------------------- Ed2k & Overnet protocols should be upgraded to enable searching for projects: What is given is the project number (RRRRRR) and the latest valid key Push key update – because the old one is being compromised/cracked. The contents of this packed is a new public key (eg. Version 2) signed with a previous version (newver-1), eg. Key5 being signed by Key4) (a dialog box opens with a question whether to update on not) with a link to The browser window should open and a google search should provide the user with a notification of the validity of certain keys). /// there should also be a way to remedy the situation if someone agreed to upgrade to a bogus key update. After accepting upgrade the old version file previous key versions could be upgraded only with the current valid ‘file upgrades’ and ‘file upgrade pushes’ The other option is to entrust your list of DW servers managing to a list signing authority on a certain domain, but that is exposed to some legal risks /// or if it is based on a digital key architecture; but then it’s even worse problem if it’s digital key is being compromised. ----------------------- Searching for the latest version of a file within project RRRRRR-kkk ----------------------- A lugdunum should keep the record of users with the latest file version and for those with a version previous version. (when the key is upgraded the VVVVVV can be reset to zero and still being newer version) When asked only for the new version, only the new version number should be given (it’s for keeping caches synchronized). ----------------------- Searching for users of the specified file within project RRRRRR-kkk ----------------------- There should be two searches – for those with ‘the latest version of RRRRR-kkk-FFFFFFFF’ and for those ‘with an older version of RRRRR-kkk-FFFFFFFF file. When asked for users with the latest version of file – for normal use – 10 or so randomly selected users should be given When ask for a comprehensive list of users with an older version, a list of eg. 1% or 200 users should be given – to enable ‘push publish new file or new file version’. ----------------------- Push publish new file or new file version ----------------------- The administrators of DW website should be provided with an efficient way to quickly spread new file and publish new files. Thus they should be allowed to push upgrade to any user of their RRRRRR-kkk DW website. In reality a 1% or 200 users should be enough. Push publish new file version – erases the originator // digitally signed request (searches for 1% or at least 200 users of RRRRR-kkk project who must accept the new entry – of course after checking the authenticity of signature) ----------------------- Software – a website publisher & digital key creator ----------------------- http/html/php-asp/SQL should be changed with updated version. Edonkey2000 client should be responsible for creating for creating normal html pages for the local user – out of the DW’s RRRRRR database. The RRRRRR is in a way domain name or IP (could be given friendlier names, eg. dw3k://mysite/dir/file or dw3k://RRRRRR/dir/file - RRRRRR is a hex number). Limited server side scripting language should be welcome – but not necessary. Javascript can of course be used in any case. Content creator software, a patched mozilla composer of something, should be used to create html pages with dw3k links. Instead of one central SQL database all data should be broken into smaller files – eg. one or several Myreactor releases in one file. Which is the most optimal file size should be tested, but it should be around 10k – to avoid to much fragmentation that causes too much protocol overhead. ----------------------- Conclusion ----------------------- Of course this could be built into a separate application that would allow small businesses with ten or twenty DSL lines to create pretty capable web servers. Please tell me what you think about this idea. It might be far reaching or it might be that someone has already done something similar, but it would be interesting to make IPless and domainless webserver, impossible to be totally shutdown by court orders! I’m willing to help, but I cannot do it all by myself. :=) DistrCp

1521.3.2004 10:55

Well dudes been holding back on saying something about p2p stuff but got2. Govment in US / UK / F / D / E are drawin up a white paper as we speak on shutting down the p2p network.... dont start typin about how they can't.. im n the job n sick of all the tossers who cos they not part of p2p they don't want us to be. THey can and they r tryin now... OH and they WILL 1st Area. PARENTS. they are using the Paedophile bandwaggon and chatroom la la to scare parents into allowing them to take action... YES THEY CAN a survey and outline has been completed and is in stage 2. 2nd. State controlled telecominications ( BT ) N Y 1 from BT who thinks they are not state controled are not high enough the chain to know.. I AM.. just telin it like it is. Yes.. controlled telecoms have been instucted to terminate high bandwidth long connection users not regd for e commerce from this year... in small steps across small regions with the excuse of not enough bandwidth on local telecom exchanges. They have a white paper on its final reading to support this in disguise as a broadband for all document where hidden it cites p2p as cloggin the bandwith so there is not enough for everybody to have a little bit.. if u in telecoms u know this is crap. On the back of this you have software house infact only six but they control 78% of all software.. gready 2... mostly american... that are funding govment parties and advertising to get this in place.... so get ready.... the goverment hates free speech, free telecoms, and the ability for the public to learn... get ready for shut down... oh yes watch the papers i have proof on this stuff just need a tabloid with some guts but so far the parents scare them... just look at the news every child related story is big front page and picked over for weeks... so few people control what you see and hear and think... by controlling media hype you can control a nation .. we all need to be seen to be "PC" .... sharereactor was easy meat... and you have missed the point... soon you will two worried about the new form of council tax, vat increase, Mortgage lending rate and student cost to even remember sharereactor.... lets face it public gettin a bit 2 opinonated ... increase taxes make life a bit more of a personal worry.. you will soon forget about what they are really up to. bye bye p2p ... cheers for listening.

1621.3.2004 17:03

Fuck!!! Sharereactor was my life!!!!!!!! Lol This really sucks

1721.3.2004 19:56

DistrCp- You have a good idea. Unfortunately, it will involve coordinating too much together. Protocols do not become accepted through good design, protocols become accepted through use. By designing this system, you made a step in the right direction, but in order for it to work, you will need: a) Overnet designer to agree b) p2p society to agree c) there to exist only one such idea (as p2p is already getting very disorganized with the next guy on the street designing his own p2p network) d) a forum to further work this out - this is not the place Start a forum thread somewhere (maybe even on the overnet site, but that may be slow) and post a link. -Yury

1822.3.2004 03:48

I think arseholes like the people who are shutting down all these sites are killing the internet, i used sharereactor a lot but will it make a diffrence to me? the answer is no coz i dont waste my money on software music & films anyway so its not gonna make a diffrence to me coz i wont buy the shit, i think we should all boycot the industry its our way of protest to cunts like these. i hope they die a very slow & agonising death...

1922.3.2004 04:28

Well this is total bullshit.i have been a dedicated sr user for the whole time they have been my personal opinion, i feel that 90% of all software should be shareware, to the independiant person.i would also like to take the time to speak my mind and ramble on a bit.first off the sr news sucks,but the good news is that when the government shuts one down 10 more pop up.sencond is that people in the usa, even myself need to wake up and relize that the home of the free and land of the brave is total bullshit.this is the false sense of security that gov wants us to have in order to control us on a mass level.the use this slogan like a cloak to drape over our eyes when theynotice that they are loosing grips on power and money.usa does not have a democrocy,it more like a hitler base. for one, screw the rest.well i got news for you. You might be able to stop some but never all.We are the cockroach in a simple term. as a boy i was told a little bit of truth,here it is and all the world gov should listen.if you cup your hand to hold water you are embassing it,and it will have then developed a level of respect and caring, a bond if you will. But if you all the sudden try to contain the water in your hand by force,like closing it in a fist. the harder you squeeze the faster and harder you will loose all you are holding. so please go on keep squeezing us. soon it will not just be a few of us creating havoc,it will be all of us ,acting as one

2022.3.2004 05:10

DistribCp...I salute your endeavors. Your approach is very enthusiastic. Eventually something will be worked out. Best to all! Rodgers

2123.3.2004 06:13

well this sux but its not the end i have been using this other site for a while now they have everything that share reactor has had and in the past i know it has been updated more oftain you all might want to check it out its pretty well organized too

2224.3.2004 03:41

this certainly aint the end..not by a long stretch..i hope people can get together a develop the ed2k network based on IPless and domainless webservers..what a great idea..i just hope ppl can be bothered..the shut down of sharereactor certainly tells me that the governments are starting to make a move..over here in UK there have already been news reports warning ppl not to use p2p software because of viruses - what a vain government we have.. i think it all boils down to one word - consumerism. this is what its all about, enslaving humanity with the glamour & fashion of purchasing items that a only cost a fraction to produce - look at the music industry for example, need i say more... iguanna, right on man..we know where ur coming from..i think ppl are now waking from the slumber...less and less ppl are going to retail outlets - this dishonest and insincere industry will die...long live p2p!

2324.3.2004 05:24

We will all miss Try

2426.3.2004 16:06

I've found a link to a backup of the whole Sharereactor website, as it was cached with Google - that makes up to 11766 files in 158MB. Plus you can type in the old SR links (eg.release.php?id=somenum) and it shows you the website, if it was cached by Google. Additionally - those annoying popups were removed. There is also one big file with all the 10261 ed2k links contained in those 11766 files. The search function has been modified to link you directly to google's cache hit list. I think it's a 'must have' for all hardcore P2P-ers. :)

2526.3.2004 22:37

I'm tired of being told how coping movies costs the movie and music industry millions... I see it like this. Madonna, Brtney and the rest are all driving Ferraris and living in multi million Dollar homes. I still drive an old 1979 truck and live in a modest home with a bond. I personally dont care about the million Dollar problems. I feel that in te end we the downloaders and P2P users will be punished because we don't have millions to pay the lawyers for our side of the story. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The will never change. Maybe the goverments of the world should do what early Christians did. They controlled people with threts of going to hell if you didn't comply with the church. Maybe in today computer would the could start a rumour that If you download elligal content you will get a virus in your brain while watching it. LOL

2626.3.2004 22:40

Sorry about the spelling. I need a new Keboard. Got no money. I bought a new CD this week.

2727.3.2004 03:47

The Sharereactor website archive is also on P2P. ed2k://|file||4162902|16eb71b90363df63139e696e93ffe240|

2828.3.2004 13:50

Personally, I would send money to assist in his defense rather than spend another cent lining recording companies pockets... Why can't al queda target some real unholy infedels!?!?

2928.3.2004 16:58

Snipped from

Concerning donations for SimonMoon Basically, he doesn't think that this is such a good idea at the moment. However, if you still feel you should donate something, you're free to transfer with PayPal to but ONLY there! This is really important that you do not transfer your money to any other account or funding initiative, those are inofficial, ONLY the PayPal account is OFFICIAL! He asked me to tell you one more thing: please consider that a few large donations are much easier to handle than loads of tiny ones when if it comes to fair refunding (after covering the lawyers costs) across all those who donated. Therefore, he would be most happy to receive larger donations from companies or institutions.
Please do not trust this quote alone... go to an look for yourself... ::LZ::

3029.3.2004 18:17

The best donation would be from RIAA .ANd i as for dr Sadad posts dont u think that games/music/films etc...are not things that are required to live .U can live without it.One man said It is not so bad if one steal a bread but it is bad if one steal caviour. And if u say that these things are too expansive and thats why you STEAL it then why dont u (or u do ??)steal a car it is not cheap also. And dont think that im agent of RIAA or sth -_- i also leech file from edonkey but im aware that it isnt good and dont say such stupid things like if they(producers and devs) steal from us than i will steal from them so i will be HERO *o*

3129.3.2004 18:51

But what about when the members of the RIAA steal and behave in an unfair members to artist and to other smaller record companies? Their behavior is anti-trust and should be investigated by the governemnts... However, governments find it easier to go after soft targets which cannot defend themselves against the giants of the industry. I spent seven years building up a recording and publishing business... When we grew big enough, one of the larger companies not only poached our artist, with impossible deals which the simply renigged on shortly after signing the artist, but also my production and design staff... We were big enough to be in their shotgun sights and that was why we were shut down. Do go sprouting off about fair and equitable behavior, until you have had to tighten you belts sell your family home and start your life over!!! I couldn't give a shit if every one of my albums that I ever produced was spread all over the internet (and neither did the artist that I signed) ... What I give a shit about is when a giant company throws it weight and it money around just to cripple a competitor!!!

3229.3.2004 18:56

BTW an extra 2 cents worth... leeching vs sharing says something about the type of person that you are ... it has very little else to do with the whole debate of assisting someone that is about to get steamrolled and end up at the very least bankrupt or even sent to prison for an act that he has made very little to no profit on.

3330.3.2004 06:48

idiocy. what grounds do they have to seize his equipment? i don't know swiss laws but in the US he has done nothing wrong. he did not host any illegal software, nor did he condone downloading it. he provided the means to find certain programs. it is akin to writing a book on how to make a bomb. it's called education purposes. did the author mean for someone to actually make a bomb and use it to blow up a car, or a subway station? very likely not. it is information to aid understanding. thus these types of books are allowed. thus this type of service is allowed. thanks to those who have done the same and provided LINKS TO INFORMATION in this forum.

3430.3.2004 07:39

haha. sorry for double-post but i just caught one of the posts above... as "limitless" says in an earlier post, this is nowhere over. do you understand the concept of anything that's done can be undone? this concept stretches far beyond the simplicity you might see it as. it doesn't matter what any government does anywhere. it never has (think black market, think mafia, think bootlegging, think prohibition). it may be more difficult for Joe User to get the latest hacked copy of whatever but there will ALWAYS be ways. name one way the government or even a coalition of governments will shut something down and i will tell you 1 or more ways it A. won't work and/or B. something else will still be around or something similar will pop up. i am one of the many who believe in media controllers, yes. but do i believe that matters to anyone who isn't easily brainwashed? no. if you control the people, you control the idiots. this has advantages, yes. but if you're smart, you know how to avoid being found, avoid being caught, avoid being noticed, and most of all, learn to use the rules to your advantage. anyway, before this becomes way too far off the topic, thanks again "SimonMoon"! much appreciated, regardless of how this turns out. i'll see everyone wherever the tide turns next.

3530.3.2004 14:57 What if they start running traces on ip's and isp's start shutting down broadband connections. Please tell me that this isn't a possibility - i'm really clueless when it comes to technical stuff. Heres hoping for a good result for mr moon and please post some more of this anarchy stuff, bringing down governments and stuff like that - it makes great reading.

3630.3.2004 15:31

What I don't understand is why the networks don't make these shows available for download after the show is aired on regular TV. They could put commercials in the download and be able to tell say that additional people will be viewing the commercial. Occasionally, I screw up and aren't able to watch a show I wanted to say. This would sure help me.

371.4.2004 03:54

i dont understand why they even bother to shut down these sites. I mean, look at the past. They shut down napster and what good did that do? Blah..

386.4.2004 17:45

hmm why use p2p.. its very very slow and usually contain viruses etc.. plus you can still get tv episodes and stuff.. sharereactor did not release thoses they just shared them on p2p. evyerhing you see on p2p comes from release whq sites, or whq ftps etc.. many of you will never get into these sites however, because you do not really even know what the scene is and what it is about.

396.4.2004 19:15

Yeah, and you are... the fact that you even choose to sprout off about it says that you are a wannabe thats lives on the edge of the scene... P2P especially products like eMule/eDonkey are developed by people who have an interest in not only the acquisition of content, whether it be MP3, Videos or warez, but also want to stretch the boundry of information interchange... And the simple fact still remains... if you can simultaneously source information from multiple sites and servers (no matter what the protocol), you are going to get better response to your download. Go me 8 sites with 10 mbit pipes over 1 site with an 80mbit pipe any day.

4010.4.2004 09:00

pa104inf: The reason is the one that various people, including me, have criticized in the past as well: country-specific broadcast rights. American TV shows typically air 6 months - 4 years after their premiere in States in various countries for the very first time. For some countries the reason is dubbing (most Central and Southern European countries do this), subtitling (at least all Nordic countries do this) and simply money -- longer the country's broadcasters wait until they purchase rights to the show, the cheaper the price is. So, now we got this "generation X" in most Western countries who can speak and understand English fluently even though its not their native language and they're seeking to d/l these shows immediately after they aired in the States as they simply want to know how Friends' last episode ended, etc. But their own country's broadcaster is planning to air the show sometime in 2009 or so.. And if the show would be avail on Net, national broadcaster wouldn't get viewers for their show and so wouldn't get advertisers for their show. Obviously most problematic the situation is for countries where everybody speaks English, like UK, but where there still is a 6 - 18month gap between the American premiere and national premiere. For some other countries where dubbing is commonplace, this probably wouldnt pose that big problem as they're used to hear actors to speak dubbed Italian/Spanish/German and even subtitles feel awkward. Anyway, as we all realize, no one can stop the global distribution of these shows via P2P networks and it is highly likely that within 10 years or so, the national broadcasters have to give up and the show's producing company (which is not the same as American TV stations either) will "air" the shows with variety of ready-made dubs/subtitles via Net and the premiere will already feature dubs/subs and the content is distributed via Net -- whatever the possible client terminal at that time will be (most likely IP-connected "TV" or something similar). Just my €0.02..

4110.4.2004 10:29

And all the while I had the impression that the Swiss would protect us just like Swiss Bank Accounts. I would be now suspect of the mentioned accounts. Best to All Rodgers

4212.4.2004 11:19

Here's my oppinion in plain english without many errors in puncuation or spelling (for those of us that take the time to type our comments). What the Swiss government has done was the right thing from THEIR PERSPECTIVE. Rather than be pestered by companies, industries, individuals, and orginizations (like the RIAA), the Swiss government took the easy way and asked for the site to go down. The owner of the site, being the cooperative man that he is, aggreed and is helping them take down the site. This news bummed me out at first, but I got over it because I know that sooner or later, someone in a thrid-world country is going to open a website that does the exact same thing and no industry will be able to stop it. Personally... the various artists and orginizations can suck my dick. I don't CARE if you have copyright laws! If I want to promote your product so you can make money off of it then I'll buy it. If I don't like your product then I won't buy it... simple as that. So, if you want me to buy what you make: DON'T MAKE IT SUCK ASS! The US government does not use the "Land of the Free cloak." Believe it or not, you have the right to walk in to the house of representitives while they are IN SESSION without being withheld from the meeting... so I did. If you want to boycot the industries, good luck. It's going to be VERY hard to go against the fanatics that would do anything for their favorite actor/singer/whatever. Best of luck to all those that try, I hope you succeed and open the eyes of all the morons who are blinded by their money. -KS

4314.4.2004 12:29

You might want to take a look at - you'll find all info on Sharereactor in one place...

4416.4.2004 02:06

I don't really find that fair... the owner of the site didn't put the software on the ed2k network himself, he simply made a site where you can find the info. He never hosted any of the software himself!!! In what way can he be held responsible??? I can understand them shutting down ftp's and websites that actually host software, but none of the links on sharereactor are locally stored software with the sole intention of illegal acts... In every sharereactor file I downloaded, whether it is a ftp server or a game, clearly states under the readme file "If you like this game/software, support the company and buy it". Is there not a law stating that it is allowed to listen to a MP3 for 24 hours, as a trial period, after that you must delete it unless you own the CD???

4516.4.2004 11:22

Well, I'm not sure about that 24 hour thing. I've heard similar stuff about console game system ROMs, and I've heard arguments (legal) against it. I am still trying to figure this out.

4621.4.2004 19:05

It's true that the owner didn't actually host files on the website, however he made it EXTREMELY EASY (am I right or am I right?) to download pirated, copied, and illegal software. It was the Swiss government's decision to close it down (and they asked the owner who COOPERATED with them). So it's just as much the creator's choice as it was the governments. As to the ROMs and Emulation topic (the 24HR law): These is no guarenteed way to discover when you first start playing the game and there is no guarentee that you will delete it in 24 hours. So, ROMs have been termed as "pirated code" by the industry and government (because the code has a copyright, and reproduction by *any means,* which includes typing it in notepad or whatever, is illegal). Basicly, it's all illegal, but we don't care... I mean comeon, does the government have a copyright on the numbers "1" and "0"?

4722.4.2004 07:27

When are we all going to come to realize that these are issues of Privacy, which the Media folks as well as the Courts have invaded. Here in America our Constitution guarantees our right to Privacy, yet it is constantly being chipped away at by self-serving justices that make outrageous decisions, with their feeble efforts at interpreting the law. These misfits to our society have to be replaced by competent administrators, who will interpret the laws based on the Constitution. Governments are supposed to be serving the people and not vice-versa. It is time to wake up and deal with the issue of Privacy. Best to All! Rodgers

4822.4.2004 15:44

Actually, I think the issue is "piracy" not "privacy." I know they sound alike, but they are different. :) Privacy is a completely different topic. Yes, there is invation of privacy, but that's not what happened here. Neither was it software piracy, and that's what is outrageous. Besides, it's the Swiss government, and not the U.S. that's currently at fault.

4923.4.2004 05:27

The minute anyone starts attacking my computer, whether it is the Media, or anyone else,that is an invasion of Privacy and that is the issue. Piracy is not the issue as it assumes Stealing. Piracy is small potatoes as compared to Privacy. Whether or not you realize it, the minute people start prying into your computer for data they are committing both piracy and an invasion of your privacy. If you don't think this is important, than ignore it. Best to All Rodgers

5026.4.2004 10:33 Has everything that ShareReactor, Suprnova, and Torrentz has including the search. Earthreactor is better because there are no popups and it works 24/7

514.5.2004 15:23

Qoute from Shadow77: "hmm why use p2p.. its very very slow and usually contain viruses etc..." As you know, one of the best things about sharereactor was that it offered a system of downloading in which you knew EXACTLY what you were getting. Sharereactor is what made the eDonkey/Overnet network far superior to Kazaa or any of the other p2p networks because it provided a foolproof way to download stuff that you knew would work, would be virus-free and you could avoid downloading fake files and stuff. Everything linked to the sharereactor site was all tested and verified. With Sharereactor being shut down you don't have that foolproof system anymore but you can still get the same stuff from the networks. One question I have is how this affects releasers like Razor1911 and Xgamers. What happens to them now?

526.5.2004 13:56

Well got news for you people here in canada the supreme court made legal to download stuff in p2p so if the guys want to reopen the ShareReactor site, come to canada :)

536.5.2004 15:31

Wow! That's the best news I've heard in a while.

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