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Two new guides added

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Apr 2004 12:55 User comments (2)

Two new guides added We have just added two new user submitted guides to our site. The first one by Mattrage describes how to join MPEG files using Womble MPEG-VCR -- a nice tool with lots of useful features. This guide is a good introduction to getting familiar with the software.
The second one, written by Vurbal, gives a tutorial to probably the most interesting DVD backup software on the market -- DVD Rebuilder. With DVD Rebuilder and Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) Basic you can create extremely high quality backups very easily indeed. Up until now processing DVDs with CCE has been quite laborious, but DVD Rebuilder changes it all.

You can read the Womble guide at:

and the DVD Rebuilder guide at:

Thanks again to Vurbal and Mattrage for providing the guides! Your t-shirts are already in the mail. =)

If you have a guide you wish to submit to us, please visit our guides section and see what kind of guides we currently have. Please note that in general a guide should describe a process of doing something or provide in depth information on a matter. If you're usure whether or not to submit a guide, feel free to contact us first. You can access the guide submission tool here.

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2 user comments

121.4.2004 19:03

I hear that mattrage guy is hot. :P

221.4.2004 19:07

I heard something differnt.... Regards CoZZa

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