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Sony releases first 12x dual format DVD burner

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 07 Jun 2004 14:05 User comments (10)

Sony releases first 12x dual format DVD burner Sony unveiled today its latest DVD burner model, DRU-540A. The drive allows 12x writing on 8x certified DVD+R discs.
Drive also supports 4x burning of DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs and 8x burning of DVD-R discs. The 12x DVD+R burning means that burning a single full disc will take appx. six minutes to complete. The drive is expected to hit the retail shelves in July and the price is set to $180 in the United States.

Source: Sony press release

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10 user comments

17.6.2004 18:00

Thats pretty sweet, to bad its not 4x or even 8x DVD-9 though. Does that mean the 12x is only on the +R format and not on the -R?

28.6.2004 4:18

The question is Do I go for speed? or the new dual layer format. Must say if it was amy manufacturer bar Sony I may have been tempted.

38.6.2004 9:56

I would say it will be better to wait a while as iam sure you will get all on one drive soon.Some will rush in and purchase that is what i use to do but i think i will wait a while this time.

48.6.2004 17:46

The first wave of technology is usually unstable. So you might get more coasters from burning at 12x than 4x. I'm going to go with a 107 :D Has everything an average Toiletman could need.

59.6.2004 13:36

at this point i think size takes prescedence over speed. I'd rather have a slower dual layer burner which you can "backup" entire movies, than have a faster single layer one.

69.6.2004 13:47

Since I won't be able to afford to buy the media now I'll probably wait until around Christmas time when I should be able to find a good deal on a Pioneer dual layer burner. Having owned a Pioneer and then a Sony I have to admit I'm partial to Pioneer. I'm betting media prices will also drop significantly at the end of the year. Otherwise I might wait a few more months after that.

Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
AfterDawn Staff Writer

79.6.2004 13:54

i'm partial to pioneer too. my dvr-105 has worked flawlessly for almost 2 years now. whats the details on the pioneer dual layer burner? have the come out with one for dvd-r yet, and how much is the media?

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89.6.2004 13:55

Around Christmas people will have sales on the burners and, more companys will have developed dual-layer burners by then, also, if they haven't already Ritek will get involved in the dual-layer market and prices on dual (as well as single) layer media will drop.

99.6.2004 14:41

I believe Pioneer is planning on their first dual layer drive being available in the 3rd quarter and it's supposed to be the same speed (for everything I think) as the Sony. I think they're planning on a 16x single layer drive around the same time. Personally I figure if it's a new type of DVD drive and Pioneer hasn't come out with one yet it's not ready for prime time yet. As always YMMV.

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Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
AfterDawn Staff Writer

1010.6.2004 3:04

Wait for dual-layer burners to be affordable. Heck of a nice sig,

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