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Kazaa filter deadline extended to February

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Nov 2005 8:13 User comments (9)

Kazaa filter deadline extended to February We reported that Kazaa was given a deadline to either implement filters by December 5th, or shut down. Now Sharman Networks, Kazaa's owner, has announced that the deadline has been extended to late February next year. The deadline was given after a September ruling that found Kazaa users had broken the law and now Sharman needs to alter the code of Kazaa to prevent copyright infringement in the future.
In the earlier article we published, we have gone through the history of the Kazaa vs. Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) case in more detail. If you are interested the events that lead to this order, then read the previous news article here.


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9 user comments

125.11.2005 8:37

I'm just curious....will the RIAA still be monitoring Kazaa...i.e is it a free-for-all at the momen. May sound stupid, but I'd certainly be interested to know.

225.11.2005 10:42

ok now that kazaa's about to go down i hope they don't go after limewire.

325.11.2005 10:55

it's so dumb. if it does go down, everyone knows that another one will come out right after. No reason to back up my explanation, t's just the way it is.

425.11.2005 14:37

'Tis the season for all corps to STFU and get on with their lives! Who really uses Kazaa anyways? It doesn't even work most of the time, has crappy audio most of the time, and I rarely get any file to finish anymore. Limewire works a lot better, but just so much. It's a lot easier to use a different P2P proggy. If nothing in life is free, then I'll just have to pretend and take it!

526.11.2005 11:08

It's about time they shut down Kazza, a nest of viruses, spyware, fake files and other assorted nasties. Impossible to remove from your computer without a complete reformat. There are plenty of better and safer P2P's out there. Limewire is gone already evilh0ly, they caved into RIAA, and are going legal. Try Frostwire to replace Limewire, almost the same development team just a new name, and Frostwire is FREE. lol

628.11.2005 16:27

It's not the fact that they're shutting down kazaa that pisses me off. It's just that it's irritating that the govt has nothing better to do with our tax money then go after the taxpayers. Maybe if they put all the effort they're putting into stopping "piracy" into finding Bin Laden, we'd have found that f--ker by now.

729.11.2005 14:13

I was going to stop downloading music for free, but the first CD I ever bought broke my Itunes, gave me a virus, and totally messed up my computer. I had to pay 50.00 to get my computer running again.

830.11.2005 0:22

was it one of those retarded sony BMG music cds?


95.12.2005 10:32

aries is a good replacement for limeware and frosthunt

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