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Warner and YouTube to strike licensing agreement

Written by Ben Reid @ 18 Sep 2006 12:57 User comments (13)

Warner and YouTube to strike licensing agreement Video sharing site YouTube is today expected to announce an agreement with Warner Music Group Corp. which will put thousands of Warner music videos on the site and permit user created videos to legally feature music that Warner owns.
YouTube has supposedly created a system which will detect when copyrighted music is being used in videos, and give Warner the chance to accept or reject those videos. The technology will then calculate the royalty fees owed to Warner. But whether the fees are to be paid using YouTube's advertising revenue, or by the individuals who upload videos featuring music from Warner, remains to be seen.

Warner's stance on video sharing sites such as YouTube is in stark contrast to that of Universal Music Group, whose CEO Doug Morris hinted last week that the the record company may be suing YouTube in the near future, claiming, "these new businesses are copyright infringers and owe us tens of millions of dollars".


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13 user comments

118.9.2006 13:12

That's right folks, Warner shall be paid for that video of a 10 year old girl miming her favourite Madonna tune into her hair brush!

218.9.2006 13:14

cool, as long as I don't have to pay anything

318.9.2006 14:32

Money is the root of all evil. Both the MPAA and the RIAA demonstrate this.

418.9.2006 15:15

common Youtube! Don't be their bitch! fight back! have you already given up?

518.9.2006 16:07

we will all migrate to or

618.9.2006 16:32

its rather dim ike the kid that mimiced the star wars stuff...its rather sad next you will see the pardioes be hit on by the miffia...

718.9.2006 16:58

So i work downtown chicago...everyday there's several people on the street who make it a point to dance or perform to music they've already purchased, in order to entertain people....does Warner also want a % of what they might make....or should there be two tip-hats set out for donations........only one you must put money into just for hearing the music. What an incrediby idiotic world we live in.

818.9.2006 21:08

"But whether the fees are to be paid using YouTube's advertising revenue, or by the individuals who upload videos featuring music from Warner, remains to be seen. " clicked on the source link, there seems to be an update Update: YouTube has made an official post about the deal and has said that use of the copyrighted music from Warner will be free to users.

919.9.2006 5:56

What about open source, copy left cover songs and midi files? Can those be used for parody and video purpose? Just curious. Any joker with an ounce of musical ability and a puter can put up a decent midi cover of a top tune for parody...

1019.9.2006 8:03

I'll be glad when the RIAA sees shareware for what it really is: sharing ware.

1119.9.2006 8:10

craftyzan for non profit parody YES but if you are going to make a profit on it then prepare for a court battle

1219.9.2006 9:55

You guys better think twice about the next time you do a Michael Jackson's dance move impression like that crotch grab while shrieking "heeehee", someone could be watching you and then sue you!

1320.9.2006 13:08

I'm just glad at least their not suing each others brains out. They have enough money so they smarted up and bought it out right instead now thats smart business ethic :)

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