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YouTube removes 30,000 copyrighted videos

Written by Ben Reid @ 21 Oct 2006 6:56 User comments (29)

YouTube removes 30,000 copyrighted videos Google Inc.-owned video-sharing site has removed nearly 30,000 video files from its site after after complaints of copyright infringement by Japanese media companies, an industry group said on Friday.
Many analysts and journalists accross the tech world predicted that Google had bought itself a whole heap of copyright trouble when it recently acquired YouTube for $1.65bn.

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers found some 29,549 music video, movie and TV clips which had been posted onto the popular site without permission.

A spokesman for the Japanese group, which represents 23 media companies including TV networks and movie distributors, said it would ask YouTube to introduce a screening process to prevent illegal video files being posted onto the site.


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29 user comments

121.10.2006 7:14

we need to be able to watch what we could have watch before for free. i wish peoiple were not so concerned about money and just wanted everyone to be happy and getr along.. some executives need some some reefer, i'd calm them down and help them understand.

221.10.2006 7:39

You can't VIEW Copy Righted Material on Youtube which Google now owns.. But you can D/L Copy righted Material off of Orkut which Google also owns... Make sense? NO!

321.10.2006 8:01

What's important is all the My Way entertainment clips are up! :-) TOAST MY SALAD!!!

421.10.2006 12:07

Yup, and youtube has now embarked upon the long road spiraling downward into low entertainment website. Too bad google acquired youtube, the one big hope that we had in internet media... Now it's just going to be dumb home videos, director's posts, and advertisments from the big corporations.

521.10.2006 15:20

funny they has yet to remove all anime stuff...mmmmm its funny when they remove TV ads they are ads for Christ sake..... Youtube is now on the path to bust ville.

621.10.2006 18:25

I have to agree. One of the ONLY reasons that I use Youtube is to watch the latest Naruto Episode in Japanese before I could EVER find it in the United States. I mean, they are on season 7, I believe. We are still watching Season 1!

721.10.2006 21:32

Youtube is now on the path to bust ville.
Well I sure would be laughing if I were the ones that just sold my web site for 1.65 billion, because now I don't have to fork over the money to fight this. Or dump all the time and effort into getting rid of all the copyrighted stuff.

821.10.2006 22:11

ydkjman hey the creators of it got the best from this they don't have to put up with the media mafiaa,google is going to find out rather quickly that they can not sustain the site and make the mafiaa happy at the same time.

922.10.2006 1:00

oh well there gos youtube right down the tube Google messed it up for everyone again.Well done google the people with far to much money.

1022.10.2006 6:42

If it wasnt for YouTube i would have never found out about Robot Chicken.

1122.10.2006 10:06

" world predicted that Google had bought itself a whole heap of copyright trouble when it recently acquired YouTube for $1.65bn." If you ask me, I think their reason for buying youtube was for taking care of the copyrighted videos.

1222.10.2006 10:25

Herm.... "Copy righted music videos".... Wouldnt putting music videos on YouTube help the music industry by allowing people to preview thge videos and maybe buy the records?? And is it just Japan that has a problem with this?

1322.10.2006 10:33

surly they must have known what they were in for maybe anougher deal is going along side that we dont know about yet maybe with the MPAA and IFPI maybe thats how that got all thet cash to sue 8,000 individuals in 17 countries. who knows dont think by far they done it without knowing what they were in for. maybe maybe maybe!!!!!!!

1422.10.2006 10:50

"dont think by far they done it without knowing what they were in for." Carl is right. Google is far too smart and culture savvy to not have a hint of an idea about what it would mean to invest in a heavily copyright infringement operation like youtube. I love the idea of youtube and from time to time treasure the occasional copyrighted material, but you gotta admit that google probably has some plan to keep their investment up on this one. But if their plan is to let the advertisments money outweigh the settlement money, thats not going to pan out much gold

1522.10.2006 10:54

B_runner youtube is a hot potato its only a matter of time befor it burns their hand and you never know when the media mafiaa will get tired of them.

1622.10.2006 11:09

Well if google is the renegade superman than youtube is his kryptonite.

1722.10.2006 11:12

B_runner it could be more like red kryptonite it either hurts them or mutates them into something 0-o

1822.10.2006 12:40

Couldn't YouTube put a disclaimer saying something like "You can only post videos that you yourself own, any copyrighted videos are not alowed and Youtube can not be held responsible for them"?

1922.10.2006 12:58

if companies aree so concerrned about their royalities why don't they have their own sight for downloading, and charge a monthly fee or recope through advertising

2022.10.2006 12:59

2122.10.2006 13:06

kenrobbie Because its not profitable,you see they could be like a pirate and say we will not pillage you if you come and give us your stuff but then they don't get to rape and them pirates just have to have their raping and pillaging when they they do it them selfs they can make take alot more from a village however sicne the villagers know their coming they can hide the gold and the women from them most of the time.... What I am saying is the Media Mafiaa is a monopoly and as one can not change it must enforce asinine rules and can never streamline and become a profitable business,they would rather rape and pillage the pockets of the consumer than chance and make more or less the same amount of money.

2223.10.2006 0:01

People posted music videos and anime on YouTube?? I never used the site, so I don't know. Even though copyrighted material is being showed without permission, this is really free advertising for the Japanese media companies. If people see something that they like, they generally want more. Maybe these media companies should take into consideration how much they can save on advertising to decide whether or not to have Google remove the media. They could end up saving in the end if the cost of advertising outweighs the potential loss of sales.

2323.10.2006 1:11

JaguarGod and whole eps,but mostly openings,endings, pic gallery's and home made AMV's. there still there so basically its like ebay, ebay wont remove stuff unless a corporation gets it arse out of joint.

2423.10.2006 2:45

well we knew this was going to happen but why arent these japanese companys going after illegal copyrights in there own country im sorry to say google is a us company not a japanese one so they shouldn't have any saying in this matter anyway

2523.10.2006 2:55

After reading this news, i guess most of the users feel disapointed, since this site offered a "virtual tv" where they enjoyed music videos, news and interviews, among other stuff, and actually no file was downloaded, but rather played on the site. Really sad that the Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers couldn't see the potential of reaching overseas audiences.

2623.10.2006 4:22

ematrix Hell the AIC went uber nuts in the mid 90's before the RIAA did its like who cares if its free advertseing who cares if the quality is radio or less ,who cares if they remvoe a TV ad from youtube...the very fact tis a tv AD makes it fair use its not even a bloody clip from a show ,when they started bluring out T shirt and Cap logos and such from news programs and other things thats when I realized the corporations have to much influence....

2724.10.2006 19:37

i spammed.

i'm now immortalised here -

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2826.10.2006 9:10

Srew you google! I won't use any of your free products!

2928.7.2007 9:39

for a start who actually found these videos and how long did it take?

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