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How to play OGM, FLV, MOV & MP4

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2007 5:25 User comments (2)

How to play OGM, FLV, MOV & MP4 We have recently published quite a few new guides to our guide section and are currently in the process of "reforming" many of our articles and have a to-do list longer than Santa's annual list. We now strive to cover everything our users may need and last year made a discovery that a lot of our new users didn't need to know how to encode/convert anything, but just how to play their acquired video.
Since then we added comprehensive guides to AVI playback, MPG (MPEG) playback and MKV playback and to our surprise, some of them jumped to the top of the most popular guides. So in a effort to be more complete with the playback section, we added guides to playing the OGM container files, FLV files like those gotten from YouTube, QuickTime MOV files and MP4 container files.

To many of the regulars here, there guides aren't very useful, but we really hope that the newer users, most often directed here from Google, will benefit from reading them. For the rest of you, it gives you something to link to on the forums.

How to play FLV files:

How to play MOV files:

How to play MP4 files:

How to play OGM files:


How to play AVI:

How to Play MPG and MPEG files:

How to play MKV files:

RAR playback and extraction guide

Find what video and audio codecs you need by using GSpot:

What codecs to use? The AVIcodec guide

Expect several more playback guides in the coming days and many more brand new guides and guide updates over the next few weeks/months. If you find any errors or problems or have any criticisms at all for these articles, don't hesitate to send me feedback via Private Message (you need to be logged in). We appreciate feedback very much.

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2 user comments

125.3.2007 6:44

I was wondering why all the guides for different formats but then I read them and all had the VideoLAN player listed which is the only program I ever use for video. It even keeps the sound and video in timing unlike windows media player will not do sometimes.

225.3.2007 7:07

ye we mention videolan inm all of them as it is the easiest solution, but we also cover installing filters or codecs and splitters to play video in windows media player and whatever else.

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