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iGrill introduced

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Apr 2007 12:04 User comments (25)

iGrill introduced George Foreman has introduced a new grill for his line, and this latest one is iPod-ready.
The aptly named iGrill is a stand-up grill with a 10-watt speaker set that can play music while the main grill cooks your food. There is a USB port so the iGrill will also work with most digital audio devices besides the iPod.

The grill is already available and holds a $150 retail price.


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25 user comments

125.4.2007 12:18

ok... are they joking ?

This is madness... !


225.4.2007 12:26

I find this really funny and silly at the same time. What happens if you want your food to be medium and you forget and bop with the music and you over cook your meat :P

325.4.2007 12:35

i'd be more worried about cooking my ipod

425.4.2007 12:41

George needs to stop lol. Them head shots taking its toll now after all these years.

525.4.2007 13:57

Part of apples plot to take over the world! :O Come on now, the iGrill???

625.4.2007 14:21

apparently its limited to the types of music it will play
red hot chilly peppers,korn,smashin pumpins and of course food fighters.
fat joe is preinstalled

725.4.2007 14:39


825.4.2007 14:59

Apple will sue. Doesn't apple have a copyright on the letter.... ummmm... better not say it... on that letter between h and k?

And, only one speaker? I'd better get the $300 matched-pair for stereo!

925.4.2007 15:07

...on that letter between h and k?
Oops! I made a typo... That letter between h and j? Oops... Now "me" is in trouble... "Me" just used that copyrighted letter to refer to myself! ...Maybe the upper case version is still copyright free????

1025.4.2007 15:14

Coming soon:
iShower, soap and shampoo shower dispenser
iWipes, all your music player needs in a toilet paper holder

My luck someone will market them and I will lose out on the idea rights.

1125.4.2007 15:20

I'm amazed that this actually came true. It was one of my favourite jokes about the iPod, the iGrill. And now George Foreman has delivered. Hallelujah!

1225.4.2007 15:47

Originally posted by Attin:
ok... are they joking ?

This is madness... !


no this is burger land!
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1325.4.2007 17:13


1425.4.2007 17:29

The made a joke about this a few years ago on some kid show... weird

1525.4.2007 21:55

"iWipes, all your music player needs in a toilet paper holder"

someone already made that...... i think it has a dock and a small speaker on the tp holder

1626.4.2007 4:34

im so gonna buy one


1726.4.2007 7:18


1826.4.2007 7:49

Originally posted by DVDdoug:
Apple will sue. Doesn't apple have a copyright on the letter.... ummmm... better not say it... on that letter between h and k?

You sure about that? If so, ouch for big George.

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1926.4.2007 8:56 it waterproof ?

I mean...lets face it...bbq's are usually done outside.

2026.4.2007 10:52

First off, it might actually not be a terrible idea if they made some kind of music playing outdoor barbecue device that played music. It'd actually be kind of cool for when you have friends over for a barbecue. But then again, that's not particularly Mr. Foreman's forte, now is it?

Seriously, at the point we're getting to, Mr. Foreman will have to release a new iGrill that is completely water resistant, so that you can grill up a delicious lean steak dinner while you sing to your iPod in the shower, lol. It's getting kind of sad. I understand the desire to make those things more useful; and I understand the desire to combine appliances, etc; but this is utterly stupid. If you own an iPod and have access to a george foreman grill, I would sincerely hope you have access to a stereo, a tv, or at least a computer. Who is going to be dependant on their iGrill for their music? ACK!

2126.4.2007 11:06

Please George Foreman, stick to boxing! While your at it... can i have a RnB burger...

2226.4.2007 12:46

10 watts?!? a $20 pair of computer speakers will output more than that

2326.4.2007 13:22

looks pretty trendy and compact to me, especially if you live in an apartment and grill on your balcony lol. then again, maintenance will be a bitch.

2426.4.2007 17:39

Originally posted by mark5hs:
10 watts?!? a $20 pair of computer speakers will output more than that
10 watts in a car with the windows rolled up is more intense than a jet engine at 50m. - Highschool physics. (I worked this out a year ago)

So you don't need power unless you have stage or something. You just need fidelity. El-cheapo speakers propably won't have that, but who is to that George Foreman speakers with have that either?

2528.4.2007 13:57

This has got to be a joke.

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