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Yahoo Japan drops Sony for iTunes

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2007 12:47 User comments (4)

Yahoo Japan drops Sony for iTunes In a joint announcement, Yahoo Japan and Apple have said that Yahoo has replaced a Sony-affiliated music download service with the iTunes platform as the default music store on Yahoo Music Japan.
The partnership is very good news for Apple, due to the fact that Yahoo is Japan's hottest portal site, reaching 84 percent of the country's internet users. Users who visit Yahoo Music Japan will be able to access iTunes through a very prominent one-click access link.

The old download service, Mora, will still be available but it is no longer the default. Users can change their preferences after logging into the service.


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4 user comments

116.6.2007 13:24

Haha another blow to sony! Not doing too well are we now sony!

216.6.2007 22:55

That will probably hurt Yahoo Japan because Itunes doesn't have anywhere near as much Japanese music as Sony would have access too. I know that people can switch back but most people will see that they don't have as much so will go somewhere else for their music.

318.6.2007 7:33

Itunes is mostly US crap so this hurts Yjapan more than it hurts sony.

421.6.2007 16:35

Well this is a good deal. I like the fact that you can change the default back.

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