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AllofMP3 owner facing jail time and large fine

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Jul 2007 14:45 User comments (7)

AllofMP3 owner facing jail time and large fine Authorities in Russia are seeking jail time for the owner of, Denis Kvasov and he can be facing up to three years. Along with the time, he could face a 15 million ruble fine ($600,000 USD) as well as made to pay restitution to EMI, Warner, and Universal. His site, AllofMP3, was closed last month after mounting pressure from US authorities forced Russian officials to act.
Mediaservices, the company behind AllofMP3 has launched a new site however, MP3Sparks, which is identical to its fallen sister site. Russia also has alot to lose considering the site was specifically mentioned in a list of milestones they must hit before they are allowed into the World Trade Organization. The other milestones include more crackdowns on piracy.


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7 user comments

124.7.2007 15:20

Well this sets a fine precedent on the global scale. A business that is complying with the laws of the country it is established in is not only shut down by outside forces calling the site (and hence the laws of a soveirgn nation) illegal but the owner is now being prosecuted by the same country which created the lawsd that he was complying with.

Soon Yahoo, Google and MSN will be faced with similiar issues from countries that say tht the display of free speech about nazism (yes a bad group!) must be taken off US websites due to it conflicting with local laws. This was already an issue and these sites filter these items from the local countries search, but these same countries reply that the illegal data is still available to it's residents who do not use the local search portals instead choosing to use these companies portals based in the US.

Women better start getting used to covering their heads, and men need to start growing beards, Abercrombie, The Gap and others better loosen up their tight fitting clothing, and christian bookstores may just think about starting to sell Korans as well... Iran will soon sue the US for the depravity of society caused by our expressions of freedom...

And based upon this precedent it would not be to far down the slippery slope that the US has created by taking bribes (ahem, I mean political donations) from the RIAA et al for these things to actually occur.

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224.7.2007 15:57

It's interesting that mp3sparks is back online - and it appears that credit can be uploaded with major credit cards again. Considering the impending prosecution of the allofmp3 owner (with or without a trial), I find the reactivation of mp3sparks to be very unusual. The entire witchhunt against Mr. Kvasov is politically motivated and just goes to show that money buys justice - no matter where you are :-/

324.7.2007 17:09

And Alltunes still runs from a download program like iTunes and Mastercard as well.

PS: Hey Mastercard... I recently got one of YOUR cards (even though I didn't need it cause I have plenty of other branded cards already) BECAUSE you let me spend my money how I see fit and buy music from these guys! I'll be using YOUR card more than the other guys (Visa: It's everywhere they want YOU to be and not where they don't! lol)

Way to earn my money! BOTH M/C and AllTunes!

424.7.2007 18:28

Ah the worlds governments, ain't it grand.

524.7.2007 22:23

Not very good for him and the fine is massive. Well goes to show you what happens when America wants a piece of the pie.

627.7.2007 9:32

It really just shows how corrupt the Russian government is they seem to make the rules up as they go or at least change them as they need. You cant blame companies for going after piracy however they do have the governments in their pockets these days and our rights are on the verge of going away.

76.8.2007 16:53

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