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New Line to finally jump into HD

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Sep 2007 10:23 User comments (9)

New Line to finally jump into HD After a year of speculation, New Line Cinemas has finally announced that it will be releasing its movies in HD, starting with "Hairspray" on Blu-ray in November. The studio also said the movie will be released on HD DVD in early 2008 but did not specify a date.
New Line decided to go the path of its parent company Warner by staying format neutral, making them the only two studios to support both formats.

"Clearly, there isn't a format winner at this point, so were going to adopt the strategy from Warner, our sister company, and mirror what they are doing,"
said Matt Lasorsa of New Line "And by supporting both formats, we are giving consumers the ultimate choice."

Although most insiders believed New Line would become dual-format supporters, the release of the HD DVD a few months after the Blu-ray version is surprising. Lasorsa said the delay is attributed to a lack of region coding in current HD DVDs.

"Since we sell to independent international distributors, we have to be more sensitive to their release dates than a major studio,"
Lasorsa added. "But for second-party acquisitions to which we don't have international rights, we will be day-and-date on all three formats."

New Line is set to make a press release soon in which it will release the specifications of the discs.

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9 user comments

113.9.2007 12:17

Excellent, more movies heading to HD DVD.

213.9.2007 14:01

This should be interesting to watch play out. I wonder if they will keep their "promise" to deliver to HD DVD if the Blu-Ray sales do well.

I would think so but you never know, after all Paramount went HD DVD just a few days (a week was it?) before Blades of Glory was supposed to be released on Blu-Ray, so people probably even had it pre-ordered.

313.9.2007 23:01

Oh yeah! Bring on the movies. Snakes on a plane in HD...ooooooo... scary, the snakes look so real! lol.

414.9.2007 8:46

they are favoring blu ray eh? when their movies sell half as much on hd dvd as they do on blu ray or even less, they will go fully exclusive.

514.9.2007 12:31

Just like Viacom/Paramount.

.....oh no, wait a minute.


614.9.2007 20:15

Originally posted by hughjars:
Excellent, more movies heading to HD DVD.
Excellent, more movies heading to BD.

:P well it's true on both fronts.

714.9.2007 22:29

Just another studio that needs to decide which way they are going however already they have stated that it is still too early for them to pick a winner.

815.9.2007 13:41

That means Lord of the Rings trilogy of Blu-Ray can't wait.

922.9.2007 15:25

Yeah, let me predict BR wins. Even though the only HiDef device here is my monitor, since I've rejected Sony's products, HD will lose. Long live Roswell tv.

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