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Mininova hits new milestone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Nov 2007 18:11 User comments (15)

Mininova hits new milestone The very popular torrent site Mininova has posted that they have hit a new milestone, 1 million uploaded torrents, just weeks after announcing they had surpassed the 3 billion torrent download mark.
An anonymous user uploaded the torrent yesterday but it unfortunately has no seeds, not even the original uploader.

The number is very large considering that Mininova only allows user uploads and does not scrape torrents from other sites. The site hit 500,000 uploads in early November 2006, meaning that the growth of downloading is much larger than that of uploading.

On a side note, according to Alexa ratings, Mininova has become one of the top 70 most visited websites on the whole internet.


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15 user comments

121.11.2007 20:25

1 million individual torrents? Lord o mighty that is crazy!

221.11.2007 20:48

Yeah, that's a hell of a lot! I guess it is probably one of the most popular sites though..

321.11.2007 20:58


421.11.2007 21:00

I used to use mininova all the time, but then I found Demonoid :)

Too bad it's gone for now :'(

521.11.2007 22:38

at this rate, mini is next

621.11.2007 23:25

hahahah noooo shooooot:) hahaha

after having demonoid taken downn; torrentspy being filtered, etc...

all these sites becoming corrupt;;

mininova is one of the truly good ones still stading with a large user base... [imo]

722.11.2007 2:34

Only thing is.. about half of the torrents on mininova don't work anymore because the torrents used the demonoid tracker. So about half of the torrents on mininova are just wasting space.

822.11.2007 6:32

yea. like the other day, i tried downloading the Vice City Stories Soundtrack Boxset. Apparently, it was a demonoid tracker.

Would anyone be able to get me the soundtrack boxset to the game please?

922.11.2007 9:13

Mininova is OK, but it doesn't suit my needs like Demonoid, EZTV or The Pirate Bay do.

It's nice for them that they are this popular, but they don't seem to be able to handle it. The site has been hard to connect to for weeks because they have some serious server issues. Also, with great popularity comes great noticibility (is that a word?). Won't be long before organisations like BREIN will come after them.

1024.11.2007 5:03

I was a die-hard demonoid user. I have found the mininova and minova and i think bitnova have a ton of fake torrents. I have come across at least 8 within the last week or so. so i am pretty wary. I felt safe with demonoid. I found a few other sites that are safe.. using the term loosely though.

1124.11.2007 14:01

I was a Demonoid user also, I like mininova but they do not need to publish this information because they will be next

1224.11.2007 14:05

isohunt is a very good site...i used to use t-spy...but isohunt is great now!!! :D


1325.11.2007 12:09

More power to you Mininova!

1419.12.2007 19:31

On a side note, according to Alexa ratings, Mininova has become one of the top 70 most visited websites on the whole internet.
Music to my ears however this can be dangerous seeing how if it becomes too popular as if it aint now the riaa and mpaa will take more notice and do what they do to all other sites.

1520.12.2007 2:18

Whatever happened to offshore servers? Seems like the world needs a servertopia. Where all the Demonoids and Mininovas can last forever.
Power to the people + The greater good = torrents.

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