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Venturer HD DVD finally arrives

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Dec 2007 18:06 User comments (2)

Venturer HD DVD finally arrives Months after it was announced, the Canadian-based company Venturer Electronics has released their Chinese-manufactured entry level HD DVD player, the SHD7000, which it promises will "be one of the lowest priced among entry-level HD DVD players.
Appearing at Wal-Mart and online, the player costs $197.88 USD, making it the most affordable HD DVD player on the market. However, thanks to recent Toshiba sales, such as the HD A2 selling for $100 USD a few weeks ago, the price point does not look as attractive as it once did.

The Venturer SHD7000 however, costs less than the Toshiba HA-A3 and according to HD Digest is functionally identical to Toshiba's HA-A3 HD DVD player, offering 1080i video output via HDMI and Dolby TrueHD support.


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2 user comments

12.12.2007 19:16

Wrong picture guys (that was an old prototype - based on the gen 2 HD A2? note the drive door is on the wrong side compared to the midel now on sale - shown back in jan at CES 2007).

This is the one you want -

- It's an excellent machine too, basically it's a rebadged 3rd generation Toshiba HD A3 HD DVD player
(as all the coming Chinese players are, the HD A3 is their 'reference design).

For everyone (except those with a cheap & nasty 1080p HD TV with a sh*tty deinterlacer built in to it that can't deinterlace properly) this is a very cost-effective player.

Very good quality SD DVD playback & upscaling too.

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221.12.2007 22:40

Not bad price for this product.

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