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Universal music settles with XM

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Dec 2007 18:46 User comments (5)

Universal music settles with XM Today, Universal Music (UMG) became the first RIAA member to settle with the satellite radio company XM over receivers that have the ability to record content.
UMG signed a multi-year agreement with XM making its music available for recording on current and future hardware. Additionally, UMG withdrew itself from the RIAA's suit against XM.

The suit was filed in early 2006 when the RIAA deemed that the Pioneer Inno XM receiver was actually a form of copyright infringement. The device can record up to 50 hours of XM content in either MP3 or WMA format.

In its suit, the RIAA is seeking $150,000 in monetary damages for every song copied by XM subscribers. That number could easily be up in the hundreds of millions, but XM "alleged the RIAA was just using the lawsuit as leverage" in the deal.


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5 user comments

118.12.2007 23:14

Heaven forbid if something can record content nowadays.

Remember starting in the 1980's withcassette recorders? And after that cd recorder, mp3 memory stick recorders, dvd recorders and such? That seemed to be ok. But a stereo that can record music???? OMG everybody freak out!!!!!!!

219.12.2007 1:46

i know if u really wanted to record something that bad they can just download it or go old skool with tape deck or copy it on they're computer....but the riaa is in need of money bad so they are fighting for every dollar lol good.....

319.12.2007 14:48

I've had XM for about two years now and it honestly sounds like crap. I can tell a huge difference in sound quality when switching from xm to fm and cd. The only reason I continue to use their service is for the variety. Like b18bek9 said who wouldn't rather just download it? Its unbelievable how greedy these pigs are.

421.12.2007 7:49

OhCrap, is it better or worse than HD radio or can't you tell?

You need a descent sterio to hear the difference in the higher grade medias. Some estimates on the quality of sother sound devices. A US phone is below 40 BR, AM 50, FM 70 HD radio 100 audio CD way above 320. With my car stereo, which is a fairly good one, I can't tell the difference between HD radio and a CD. I have stopped listening to FM stations that do not broadcast HD. My old crappy car stereo made CDs sound like FM. I discovered I would rather listen to crap played well vs good stuff played poorly. This is a surprise to me. Since it can play mp3 CDs and my ipod I do not tollerate crap very long. I did not realize how much stuff can fit on a mp3 CD. That format allows more than 600 mb of music on a CD wich is usually over 12 hrs. With that kind of storage, I have not even bothered to hook up the ipod interface.

528.12.2007 5:24

It's good to see that it has been dealt with.

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