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Xbox 360 close to 2 million units sold in UK

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Apr 2008 18:16 User comments (6)

Xbox 360 close to 2 million units sold in UK According to the latest figures from Chart-Track, the Microsoft Xbox 360 is very close to hitting 2 million units sold in the UK. The figure, when hit, will be a big milestone for the console.
Thanks to a sales spurt brought upon by the Easter season and recent price cuts, the console is now in fierce competition with the PlayStation 3 in the territory.

Dorian Bloch, director of UK sales monitor Chart-Track, added, "We are very close to clocking through 2 million 360s in the UK. It should be next week."

The 360 originally launched in the UK in December of 2005 and reached the 1 million sold milestone after 60 weeks. The PS3, which was launched in ther territory in March of 2007, hit 1 million sold last month.

"The Xbox 360 is extremely well liked in the UK and very strong,"
added Bloch. "Sony has a long way to go to overtake it in the UK."

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6 user comments

11.4.2008 19:28


21.4.2008 20:30

"Sony has a long way to go to overtake it in the UK." won't take long

32.4.2008 3:37

owning all 3 big systerms i like my xbox the nmost then the wii, then ps3. most of good games out there are on xbox also and the wii is just silly fun to play.

42.4.2008 16:13

....and 500,000 of them will get the RROD and their owners will have to wait a month to get their box replaced and they will get a refurbed crap box that will break in about 2 months, thus starting the cycle over again. if you dont want to become one of those people you hear about on their 12th box, steer far far away from the box unless you can get it with a reasonably priced NEW replacement warranty. unfortunately thats hard to get on the box these days, BECAUSE THE RETAILERS ARE TIRED OF GETTING SCREWED HANDING OUT MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FREE BOXES!

trust me, im not bashing box, i love the box. i am just keeping it real. i live in a household with all three systems, a aquos 42 inch lcd, 5.1 audio, and a sli motherboard with a quad core and a gtx8800 running veesta 64 bit. trust me im no ps3 fanboy they need to bring the price down and get some games for gods sake. but part of the reason they stay expensive is because they know people that actually read tech blogs are going to get the ps3 unless they are addicted to a box specific title (like i am with halo 3, which makes the rrod problem that much more like torture).

for more info search my name and look for my long ass rant where i precisely break down microsofts current rrod repair situation, its horrible. if you buy a box right now id say you have a 1/3 chance of getting stuck with a lemon unless you get that warranty, because if it breaks MICROSOFT WILL NOT RESOLVE THIS SITUATION IN ANY ACCEPTABLE FASION, THEY WILL TAKE 6 WEEKS TO GET YOUR BOX BACK TO YOU AND IT WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY BREAK WITHIN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. YOUL WILL BE IN A REFURB LOOP FOR 3 YEARS UNTILL THE WARENTY EXPIRES (a considerable fraction of those three years youll just be sitting on your ass, waiting for your box to get back to you), THEY WILL NEVER SEND YOU A NEW BOX, WHICH WILL LAST WAY LONGER THAN A REFURB, MICROSOFT IS JUST PRACTICING DAMAGE MANAGEMENT THESE DAYS, THEY HAVE THE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION LAST IN MIND AT THIS POINT IN TIME, BECAUSE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEANS A NEW BOX FOR EVERY ONE THAT BREAKS FOR THREE YEARS, SOMETHING THEY REFUSE TO PAY FOR EVEN THOUGH THATS WHAT THEY OWE THE PUBLIC.

57.4.2008 17:58

looooooool the 360 sold 1 million in 60 weeks which is 1 year and a month.
The ps3 sold 1 million last month and came out 1 year before exactly so the ps3 is doing better for selling the same amount the 360 did in a shorter time period. So this pattern is telling us Sony will over take microsoft in the uk.

67.4.2008 21:23

The price cut is the difference and is going to pass the mark cuz XB360 has the coolest and best games.

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