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Samsung launches LCD with 20,000:1 contrast ratio

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Apr 2008 16:20 User comments (6)

Samsung launches LCD with 20,000:1 contrast ratio Samsung has introduced its Touch of Color LCD line for desktops which claims to have the same excellent visual effects as its 6 series HDTVs.
Each LCD will have the same "blown glass effect with red accents at top and bottom" but what should be most notable is the very high contrast ratios. Samsung claims dynamic lighting lets "every display output up to a 20,000:1 contrast ratio," a much higher ratio than most LCD monitors or even HDTVs.

Another very interesting feature is that the displays will offer a "virtual screen effect that lets users split multiple video sources across one display."

The line will include 19-inch (T190), 22-inch (T220), 24-inch (T240), and 26-inch (T260) screen sizes. The smaller sizes offer a blazingly fast 2ms average pixel response time and the larger models output at 5ms. The larger models however also have an HDMI input and will allow for full 1080p video from Blu-ray sources and other full HD video.

The T190 and T220 will retail for $259 USD and $359 USD respectively, while the larger models will retail for $499 USD and $599 USD.

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6 user comments

123.4.2008 17:38

now..thats what I call a computer screen !

223.4.2008 17:40

Nah, where's the LaserVues? LCD is out the door...

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323.4.2008 17:47

Laser vues/tv be the bomb matey Aaaaarrrrgggg!

I agree with Goodswipe. LCD is sooooo playyyyed ...........although I'm buying my Sony 52" XBR next year.

Anyway.....20K : 1 is DYNAMIC only which means it's up it's down it's up it's down. SONY lcd TVs all have 18K : 1 RIGHT NOW..........dynamic and not static. Only like 3K : 1 static.

423.4.2008 17:52

Yup, I was gonna roll with one of those Sammy LED DLP's, but looks like I will be waiting on Mitsu's LV to drop.

524.4.2008 13:28

That seems like a really good price for an advanced 26-inch monitor with that high of contrast ratio. But I wonder what the resolution is? The Dell 2707WFP, a 1920 x 1200 27-inch is sitting at an even $1000 today and it has "only" 1000:1 and 6ms response. I tried to visit the Samsung website to get specs on the T260, but it is nowhere to be found. I've had this problem before on the Samsung website, for some reason they don't list all their models, very annoying. Evidently, they're not available yet, because they're not on newegg or pricegrabber.

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624.4.2008 13:57

Originally posted by cartMAN:
But I wonder what the resolution is?
One of them is the Samsung T260 26 inch widescreen LCD that provides 20,000:1 of contrast ratio, 1920 x 1200 resolution, 5ms response time, HDMI and optional digital TV tuner. Unfortunately, there is no info on pricing so far.

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