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AP resolves copyright dispute with blogger

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jun 2008 16:03 User comments (6)

AP resolves copyright dispute with blogger Last week we reported that the AP had begun confronting a blogger over copyright issues, but it appears that both sides have come to a resolution in the dispute.
The AP had demanded that the site, the Drudge Retort, remove some of the new agency's content. In a statement, Rogers Cadenhead, owner of the site, said he is "glad" that the dispute is over but said he still believes the larger conflict over the use of AP content still remains.

An AP statement added that both sides considered the matter closed and that the agency was "having a constructive exchange with a number of interested parties in the blogging community" about the current relationship between bloggers and news providers.

The agency also added it was working on developing guidelines for it considered permissible use of content by bloggers.

"I think it would be helpful for bloggers and users of social news sites to know what the AP believes to be fair use of their copyrighted work,"
said Cadenhead's lawyer, Wade Duchene. "I hope that any guidelines that are issued are not interpreted as an agreed definition of fair use under copyright law", he added.

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6 user comments

121.6.2008 16:31

So we can't link or talk about AP articles without their permission?
I thought the whole point of news was to report it and give credit to the source...I just love the way new fangled news works...

221.6.2008 17:46

So the AP is still going to dictate what constitutes fair use, eh? Am I surprised? Not really. But, what, with the riaa and mpaa practically demanding money if you so much as leave a music cd or dvd in your player. Because in their world that would apparently constitute intent to "distribute" (to the next person in your house to come along and play the disc?) So then I guess we shouldn't talk about the news. lol

321.6.2008 20:30

It's all about copyright. Everybody wants to copyright everything. And on top of that they want it forever as well. It's nice the AP has come to an agreement "for now". Our largest issues with these laws changing in favor of the corporations is the fact that the lawmakers campaigns are paid for by these companies. Maby not directly but they are. Also a lot of them are so old they don't understand/care what it is doing to society as a whole.

421.6.2008 20:59

No question that the AP's making a strategy move .

At they name Copyright Named Licensing Agent for Reuse of Associated Press Content Published Online</a>

AP has determined that they consider to be fair-use to be exactly four words. More than that and you pay $12.50 - $100. This is pretty hypocritical considering that AP journalists help themselves routinely to much more than four words from blogs and websites in the name of "fair use".

AP takes this a step further and under the license pricing and terms of use for iCopyright they place language that raises eyebrows and limits free speech.. Pretty unusual for an entity that lives and dies by freedom of speech protection.

iCopyright License Excerpt:
Derogatory and Unlawful Uses: You shall not use the Content in any manner or context that will be in any way derogatory to the author, the publication from which the Content came, or any person connected with the creation of the Content or depicted in the Content. You agree not to use the Content in any manner or context that will be in any way derogatory to or damaging to the reputation of Publisher, its licensors, or any person connected with the creation of the Content or referenced in the Content."

I think that any reasonable person would see a strategy in play and is very much at odds with rights they flaunt daily.

AP is large and may not be a monopoly in the strictest sense, perhaps <a href="">oligopoly</a> or <a href="">cartel</a> is a better description.

Is the AP behaving ethically and morally? Are they being a good citizen? Many say they're not.

AP's strategy and behavior raises lots of questions and concerns:

The Poynter Institute on it's blog asks: <a href="">AP v. Bloggers: Hurting Journalism?</a>

Pajama's Media Asks: <a href="">Is the Associated Press Good for America?</a>

Perhaps the question we need to ask is: "Is the AP <a href="">evil<a>?

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522.6.2008 4:18

The AP is the government controlled propaganda machine, just as is the bbc, fox, cnn ect.

real news:

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622.6.2008 11:27

Ap lame lame lame.

Stupid Stupid Stupid it is called freedom of speech here in the u.s.a you just try to go after a blogger here in the u.s.a we will sue the crap out of you just because this guys a wimp doesn't mean others will be.

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