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BitTorrent tracker Araditracker shut down

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Aug 2008 15:38 User comments (17)

BitTorrent tracker Araditracker shut down The private torrent tracker AradiTracker has been closed down by its administrators, exactly one year after having legal action pursued against them by the anti-piracy outfit BREIN.
Last year BREIN forced the shut down of six torrent trackers and had their webhost LeaseWeb hand over all personal details of the administrators of the sites including that of AradiTracker. Surprisingly though the site was only down for a day then reappeared on a new host and seemed to have survived the attack.

Today however the tracker was again down and all visitors received a homepage message saying that the site would not be back.

TorrentFreak was able to find more details, getting in contact with a staff member of the site. The staff said “Early Thursday morning (BST) legal action was taken directly against Araditracker. For the moment we are unable to divulge details. As a direct result the decision has been taken to close the site. It is very unlikely to return as a torrent tracker.”

The site was very proud of its community and thanks everyone for their commitment.

“There are not enough words that can express our thanks for all support from the staff, past and present, Knights, VIPs, Uploaders, and members of all levels that have shared Araditracker over the last three years. Araditracker had a real sense of community and this more than anything will be missed by most.”

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17 user comments

130.8.2008 19:17

RIP Araditracker, you fought the battle valiantly, but eventually succumb to the relentless and unprovoke attacks against your greatness. You will be miss.

231.8.2008 7:40

RIP Aradi!! Still in shock!!!

331.8.2008 9:28

R.I.P. AradiTracker.

Was a good place... will be missed

431.8.2008 14:55

RIP Enjoyed myself there learned a lot about the computers in and outs.

531.8.2008 17:59

R.I.P. Aradtracker.

You may be gone, but certainly not forgotten.

You will be missed.

62.9.2008 7:59

ive nerver gotten faster dl speeds on torrents anywhere else other than araditracker. R.I.P. araditracker. you will be missed.

72.9.2008 8:22

One of my first and fav sites to have ever found...
Some of the nicest people too..

82.9.2008 8:27

Originally posted by Jdilla:
ive nerver gotten faster dl speeds on torrents anywhere else other than araditracker. R.I.P. araditracker. you will be missed.
You got that right, also never had any requests filled faster...

93.9.2008 12:26

We should all come together and make some kind of AT miss group or just blog and chat keep up with one another share links info etc.

104.9.2008 18:20

I have to say that aradi was the best, fastest, and , most community friendly sight i have ever been part of (not to mention all of the request) or visited. It is so sad to see it go, but i am happy to see that my old friends still are around!!! I will be here and we should keep in contact.

1116.9.2008 3:38

hello former AT friends just wondering about the outcome of AT. and where do we go what do we do.

128.12.2008 10:15

hello AT friends it's been awhile now and i was wondering has anyone found another community like ATracker shout it out pl. thanks

138.12.2008 14:10

No but i am still looking.

1418.1.2009 1:22

Come join some of the old staff and users @
irc: /server #tip
irc ssl /server #tip

1518.1.2009 10:47

who from the staff is there?

1618.1.2009 13:51

and most of the djs

1718.1.2009 15:57

rip Araditracker, but they will not win fight with piracy

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