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Director releases film for free on YouTube

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Oct 2008 0:05 User comments (8)

Director releases film for free on YouTube The Hong-Kong director Wayne Wang has announced that he will be premiering his latest film for free on YouTube today.
Wang, best known for "The Joy Luck Club", has said his latest drama, "The Princess of Nebraska" will be available at, a channel dedicated to film content.

The drama "is based on a story by Beijing-born writer Yiyun Li, about a Chinese exchange student in America who finds herself pregnant."

The move is something not usually seen in Hollywood, especially due to piracy concerns.

Recently the Oscar-winning independent film-maker Michael Moore released his latest film, "Slacker Uprising," for free via his site and torrents.

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8 user comments

118.10.2008 0:08

Couldn't have picked a better place to showcase his video? YouTube isn't exactly known for its video quality. EVen now with its "HD" upgrade things are still pretty grainy.

218.10.2008 1:13

Probably a good idea, but as was stated above, Youtube's video quality leaves something to be desired. Still, show me a video streaming site that's reached it's level of popularity.

And, just to get this out of the way, LOL, "Wang".

319.10.2008 20:44

Quality is actually pretty good.

420.10.2008 6:16

Intresting concept to show his movie. The movies plot line is an intrest to me i would love to see how this is.

520.10.2008 6:24

This is not a double post.

I just tried to view this guys film using the link that was given and it has said that the video can not be seen in your Country and in in Australia. Preety strange to me.

Is there anywhere else i can view this movie i would love to have a chance to see this.

620.10.2008 6:28

Try to use a proxy or one of those things that trick YouTube into thinking you are in another country. Google it.

721.10.2008 11:11

I hate the bullsiht of not being able to view videos outside of the US. Wonderful WORLDWIDE web...

823.10.2008 19:10

I hate the bullsiht of not being able to view videos outside of the US. Wonderful WORLDWIDE web...

Could be worse. You could be in China!

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