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Nokia: Comes with pirated music?

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 12 Nov 2008 17:18 User comments (7)

Nokia: Comes with pirated music? Nokia Vietnam is being sued by that country's equivalent of the RIAA, the Recording Industry Assotiation of Vietnam (RIAV) over downloads they're offering to mobile phone owners as part of a promotion.
The case is somewhat strange since the songs in question are being provided to Nokia by another company, FPT Telecom. What makes it odd is that the RIAV doesn't seem to be going after FPT Telecom for selling the music to Nokia.

“We want to directly solve the case with Nokia. As a matter of fact, we will independently work with FPT Online about another matter,” said RIAV’s Vice Chairwoman, Truong Thi Thu Dung.

Perhaps it's simply a question of going after the company with the deepest pockets. Or maybe it's because they're already suing FPT Telecom over content on their IPTV service and want to maximize the damages for each.

And maybe they just don't expect to get their money from FPT, who Dung has described as “uncooperative.”

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7 user comments

112.11.2008 18:36

Is that the guy's name : Dung? With a name like that, no wonder they're suing the wrong lot.

212.11.2008 18:48

Who knew Nokia ?

312.11.2008 20:47

RIAA vietnam?? Multinational ba*****.

412.11.2008 20:51

Hahahahhaha thats funny, ah the irony.

513.11.2008 12:39

yeah, I am curious how this one is going to turn out.

Basically, FPT Telecom is selling stolen goods?

614.11.2008 11:26

Originally posted by ugc:
yeah, I am curious how this one is going to turn out.

Basically, FPT Telecom is selling stolen goods?

Exactly. They're supplying music without licensing and Nokia, who seems to be acting in good faith and is arguably just a victim here, is being sued for it. It's possible there's more to this, but so far I haven't been able to find any source that suggests Nokia was aware of the licensing issue before the RIAV threats started. Since I'm not familiar with Vietnamese law I can't say if they may still have liability, but it certainly seems suspicious.

718.11.2008 4:08

send in John Rambo,he'll sort the b****rds out!!!

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