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Gears of War 2 sells 2 million first weekend

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Nov 2008 23:00 User comments (9)

Gears of War 2 sells 2 million first weekend Microsoft has proudly announced that the blockbuster Gears of War 2 has sold over 2 million units worldwide in its first weekend despite being available on torrents and other P2P for well over a week.
The Major Nelson site has also revealed that 1.5 million Xbox Live account owners played the game during that first weekend, playing a record 15 million gameplay hours total and unlocking 19 million achievements as well.

"We were so excited to launch Gears of War 2 on the same day all around the world, something virtually unheard of in the games business,"
said Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games.

"We wanted our fans, no matter where they live, to have a shared experience on day one, and thats exactly whats happened."

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9 user comments

114.11.2008 2:03

This game rocks. got it release night and haven't stoped playing it yet.

214.11.2008 7:07

GEARS2 is a good game. It could be great once they fix all the bugs & glitches. The shotgun has been uttered useless and the chainsaw now reigns supreme.

314.11.2008 8:47

excuse my ignorance but whats the difference in this news article and this one?

414.11.2008 11:36

Now if only they would fix the crazy amounts of bugs in this damn game. Epic seems to be ignoring all the people complaining on their forums, hell I've been banned from there site for "trolling" because I mentioned the fact that I paid $60 for a buggy game that they won't patch. Next time I'll pirate the game instead of wasting 65 bones on a Epic game.

514.11.2008 13:09 So the xbox version has major bugs too? I dont have one as Im a pC gamer but I do remember the pc version being plagued as well. What was it cliffyB was saying..that theyre concentrating on the console version bc of pc piracy as well as being able to rid the game of bugs too?

So not only does little gnome cliffy's game get leaked 2 weeks prior to launch..its full of show stopping bugs as well??!

I guess thats TWO rick james style bit@h slaps we can give him! Lulz!

614.11.2008 15:34

Yes one of the best storylines Ive seen in a while.

714.11.2008 16:16

Originally posted by grkblood:
excuse my ignorance but whats the difference in this news article and this one?

Unofficial VGChartz numbers for that one, official Microsoft numbers for this one.

This also includes XBL figures for the game.
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814.11.2008 22:24

About the bugs on the game, you shoot at them!!!!!

Just kidding, the game is awesome, nicely done, the best in 2008, the on-line experience is incredible.

915.11.2008 3:36

got my copy.. yess chainsaw does seem abit too good to be true vs unarmed targets.. pistol is superb now.. havent tried the online.. but theres so many games out!

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