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Video distribution coming to Wii

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Dec 2008 15:31 User comments (4)

Video distribution coming to Wii Nintendo will be joining up with the ad agency Dentsu to start a video distribution service for the popular Wii gaming console in an effort to establish a new revenue stream.
New entertainment content and cartoons will be available on the service, differentiating it from current content delivery services.

The service will be available in Japan starting the Q1 2009 then moving to Europe and North America after.

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4 user comments

126.12.2008 2:20


We can already watch videos for free using Wii media center which allows you to watch videos through the Wii web browser for free.

So why would we purchase a video from your video download service and take up tons of memory which we are still limited on because you refuse to release a hard drive.

On top of that has anyone every tried to run a video off of a Sd card wow talk about bad quality.

226.12.2008 13:42

ya extremely bad idea, I am almost out of room and i got like 2 vc games and 1 wiiware title...since it costs money also there is no way to keep it since you have no where to store its a waste of money really.

326.12.2008 21:40

Distribution =/= download.

It could a streaming service similar to Netflix or Hulu. If the Wii basically had Hulu and Netflix support built out of the box and you didn't need something like PlayOn eating up your PC while watching shows, this'd be a pretty major move.

I've got a 360 + PlayOn and its effectively eliminated my need to ever watch tv in the traditional sense ever again. I can get old shows via Netflix and Hulu keeps me up to date on anything recent. I don't have to wait like 3 months for a repeat episode, I can catch it a few days after it airs.

427.12.2008 5:49

yeah im kinda wondering where one would store these movies myself. its 2009 and its really odd that there is no hard drive or storage option that makes any sense.

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