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Time Warner bandwidth caps to be expanded

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2009 0:29 User comments (25)

Time Warner bandwidth caps to be expanded Last January, the ISP Time Warner announced it would be starting bandwidth caps aimed at "collecting revenue from those who utilize over half of the total network bandwidth."
In June, they began their "metered Internet trials" in Beaumont, Texas.

"We think it's the fairest way to finance the needed investment in the infrastructure," said Kevin Leddy, Time Warner Cable's executive vice president of advanced technology, at the time.

Today the company announced it would be expanding the metered service to new areas this year, with a "few more cities" being subject to the program.

Many critics have called Time Warner's cap, which charges users $1 USD for every GB they go over the 40GB cap, very impractical and that it may even "hurt the future" of the Internet, pushing users away from Internet video, especially legal HD downloads from places such as Amazon and iTunes.

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25 user comments

15.2.2009 0:31

40 gig? i could easily double that myself without doing anything illegal, nevermind the fact that my whole family would be on 24/7...

25.2.2009 0:47

I misinterpreted the headline. :P

Initially I thought "That is good" as I associated "Expanded" with "Increased" meaning that the caps were raised.

Hopefully in the future that news will come to light though.


35.2.2009 0:53

Glad I wasn't the only one who misread that one..

45.2.2009 0:54

my online gaming and netflix streaming is way over 40 gigs a month. Sounds like its a good time for some new isp's tryin to come up to start advertising no bandwidth caps with decent connection packages. Cuz i know if my isp pulls this bullsheit i'll be moving to another isp who wants my business. And 40 gigs a month is horrible and i feel bad for those ppl that have to deal with time warner.

55.2.2009 1:53

Ya, I hear you. I know if I had Time Warner I would be switching, I can't stand that crap. I do expect to see other ISP's coming out of the woodwork to supply us our internet that we pay for. We shouldn't have to pay for more depending on however the big companies want to judge us.

65.2.2009 2:56

Wow, TW is my ISP and I don't think I have another choice if they start this in my area. I pretty much have a constant connection to the internet...either via my computer or Xbox. With all the streaming video I watch and legal downloads and internet gaming I bet I easily hit 40 gigs in a week. This doesn't even consider torrents which probably takes up the majority of my bandwidth use.

75.2.2009 2:56

The only alternative I have to time warner here is various DSL services. The only problem with getting one of those is that I would then also have to get phone service.

I figured paying $50 a month for a 15Mbps down 2Mbps up is a pretty good deal. With DSL, I'd have to be paying $20 a month for a damn phone line, and then the cost of DSL ontop of that.

But whatever, if they cap you on your bandwidth and charge you an outrageous fee of $1 per gig, they damn well better give you an easy way to monitor your bandwidth.

I've got netmeter on my pc, but there's also my gf's pc on our network and she uses a lot of bandwidth too. We're a television free household so that means we gotta download all our tv shows and movies.

Seriously, $1 per gig, outrageous. The most I've ever used was 80 gigs in a month, though right now for February I'm already at 37 gigs. Yeah, I just got this connection last month and that 2Mbps upload is so much nicer than the 512Kbps I had before.

85.2.2009 4:48

Guess its time to start searching around.

Wife works from home with LARGE files. She alone easily uses 25-50 gigs a month. With all the uploading to the work server and back.

Add in some Netflix and the online games the kids and I do. We are easily going to pass that.

That must be why there are calling every week trying to get us tied into a subscription locking us in for 15 months.

Then "Would you like Turbo Speed?" So we can charge you even faster.

They are shooting themselves in the foot. And/or have a long term idea. Lets get these people HOOKED on the speed, using a ton of bandwidth and then gouge them for it even more.

Maybe one day, another type of system will come along, giving them the ol' heev-ho, like they did to dial-up. I can only hope.

95.2.2009 7:26

w00t 40gb isnt nowhere near enought. i used 15gb just to install (linux) opensuse web install with everything. Yes 15gb of bandwidth not hdd space. First install attempt failed at 50% and i had to start over, but still wtf 40gb is something you can download in few days with fast dsl.

In Finland there was this one isp that tried these bandhwitdh caps. It was not 1gb/$ after some limit. They gave discount for those who used less bandhwitdh. This would be in my eyes acceptable since whole idea of dsl (etc) is that you dont have to worry about the bill. unfortunately this isp sold their dsl network.

105.2.2009 8:42

Time Warner has the worst customer service ever and are bleeding money because of their terrible cable service. You should see how many dishes are on rooftops in my neighborhood alone!

Seriously, Time Warner is off their rocker if they think that 40gb is "normal" use. Just streaming YouTube and Napster and playing my console games online would be enough to kill that limit.

As consumers begin to DVR programs to skip commercials, move away from print media and drop AOL, I guess TW needs to figure out how to add to their bottom line. Hope they're ready for the next backlash from their customers.

115.2.2009 8:49

I already was thinking of switching and if they press this in my area I will leave them so fast. Didnt they just post a 4 billion dollar loss? Do they really want to lose more customers?

I hate Time Warner!

125.2.2009 9:44

40gb is so little!

i used to download over 120gigs in a month.

of course. not much is worth downloading to me lately. but i know i do at least 50 or more

135.2.2009 10:08

oy vay, its simple lock speed and charge more for it, forget this bandwidth horsepocky.
offer better plans for the public as a whole get those plans you don;t advertise out in the open start with 56KBPS down,28 up for 12 a month, then move up to 200KBPS down and 50 up for 20$ a month.

These plans will get you all the consumers you'll ever need because they will be dailup and basic net users.

For 50$ a month you can get into the premium service starting at 800KBPS down/200 up.

65$ a month gets you 1200+ 80 gets you 2000+.

Sale not the bandwidth but the speed.

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145.2.2009 10:29

I can see the point of a cap, although 40GB is too low in my opinion. 100GB might be more reasonable.

But the killer is that there are a lot of apps and devices that access the internet automatically and download things beyond your control. If you go to a website you've never been to before, is it going to be a plain text site or one with huge graphics and audio files that come up at the main screen? Even before going to a site you're gonna wonder "How much is this going to cost me?"

How much background internet access does your PC do automatically? Checking for and downloading updates automatically. Did you reall want that latest Microsoft update downloaded, because it just cost you 25 cents... Oh yeah, and they automatically come twice a week.

How much does your XBOX or wii or Playstation download while you're sleeping?

How about all of those promotional videos that your Tivo downloads without your permission? How much are those gonna cost?

155.2.2009 17:55

They have caps like this in Australia. Every ISP has them. I have about 60GB I use every month, then If I go over my limit, I am reduced to a dailup speed.

Sucks big time, because the price of internet is very high here.

165.2.2009 20:14

i know if they do this and i can't find another high speed internet service provider i will go back unlimited dialup and no overcharges because with 40gb i won't be able to do anything this is why i would want comcast 250 more on the level but i can't get them here but there business make more since.

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176.2.2009 8:50

I am sure they will only be capping areas that have no choice. You all need to go to dial up.

Comcast is not nearly as good as it looks since they start throttling you below 100 g usage. Still, that is very reasonable vs a 40 cap. I have heard you can get more than 10 with good dial up.

186.2.2009 10:23

I have Time Warner as well and I will just switch to DSL. They will change this once their customer base begins to dwindle. They will loose more money than they ever thought possible! Its all about the money and thats what will change there caps and prices. I will also email them with my canceling of my cable tv sevice as well. Dish network here I COME!! I'M not worried about this that much because they WILL loose!

196.2.2009 10:34

Originally posted by bathory1:
I have Time Warner as well and I will just switch to DSL. They will change this once their customer base begins to dwindle. They will loose more money than they ever thought possible! Its all about the money and thats what will change there caps and prices. I will also email them with my canceling of my cable tv sevice as well. Dish network here I COME!! I'M not worried about this that much because they WILL loose!
ATT DSL & Dish FTW!!! Much better picture on HD and none of TW's cr@ppy service. Also my 6mb DSL is fast with 4pc's & voip at the same time.

206.2.2009 13:47

bathory1, Comcast is VERY sensitive to keeping their customers. A good bit of their holding are in areas where people have a choice or like me may get a choice soon. After they posed the 250 g limit which that letter was quite bold. A month later that sent out a lets be nice letter. They promised to raise the limit when they implemented a new technology that added band width. They added the bandwidth but are getting nasty again. I guess more will ahve to leave before they get nice again.

216.2.2009 23:16

I am a Time Warner customer. It's chilling. It's not unlike an increase in tax.
The BANKS screw us with all kinds of charges and they place their customers in a situation where most will end up paying them in some way.

The CREDIT CARD companies rob us with immoral interest rates and late charges that they cause by sending bills that are due in less than a week in some cases.

The ISPs are going to be next, of course TAXING us through metering our usage. It reminds me of the toll roads that are being put into place.

The GOVERNMENTS(not just the US) are taxing us out of sight then BAIL OUT all of the above and you and I PAY for it ALL.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER! The HOUSE of CARDS is about to collapse.
We are all living under a KLEPTOCRACY (please Wiki and Google that word).

226.2.2009 23:46

Is there free software to monitor bandwith? If so where can I download it??

239.2.2009 14:06

There is no bandwidth monitor that I know of that you could see. The ISPs do keep track of that. The problem is if someone has tapped into your network you wouldn't even be monitoring it.

They will probably get sued. This would be an easy one to win. Charging persons using 'made up' numbers.

249.2.2009 14:41

Originally posted by DFlexx11:
Is there free software to monitor bandwith? If so where can I download it??

this mabye?

2519.2.2010 14:12

I recently switched to Comcast a month ago ..went over a 250g cap..yup I said it 250g ...I had 825 g in one month ... I got a warning...I looked at clear..they have no cap however...I did read the fine print if you go over a reasonable amount they will throttle your speed. Comcast said if I go over that 250g they will disconnect you for 12 months. Clear will not overcharge. I have net flix I also have Xbox live.. I also use torrents. I think I made the mistake of seeding some rather large files. All night straight for 3 days. I have a 1 tb storage on my PC. Before all this I had AT&T dial up. I guess you can say I was like a kid in a candy store. The only reason I went with Comcast was for the speed. waiting for this month to end to see how much I have used. I could not imagine having a cap of 40g ..

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