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Nintendo Wii to get 'double' USB hard drive?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Mar 2009 17:11 User comments (9)

Nintendo Wii to get 'double' USB hard drive? Although there has been no confirmation from Nintendo on the speculation, a post over at Qj has cited sources claiming the Wii will be soon getting a 'double' external hard drive, in 32 and 64GB capacities.
The external drive will attach to the Wii's USB ports and will "blend into" the console. The drive will have USB ports as well.

Users will have to upgrade to an upcoming firmware update to make the HDD work and the source says "everything you buy from the Wii Shop Channel can be transferred unto the hard drive, no problem."

Currently, the Wii only has 512MB of on-board storage, with an SD slot which can expand storage to 2GB.

There was no word on pricing or release date.

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9 user comments

113.3.2009 17:40

Yeah! Looking forward to it! It's very much needed! Although I believe the price is going to be very high. Sounds like it'll be SSD intead of HDD...32GB and 64GB could mean SSD ... But I dunno...

213.3.2009 17:54

Finally I've been waiting for this for ages. Hooray

313.3.2009 19:09

This would mean something if you didn't have to use a proprietary disk. If I could plug my own disk into it and use my own files then this would be good.
Otherwise it's just a way for them to sell you more crap. This HD should come free with a purchase of one of their downloadable games. That's all it appears that it's good for.

414.3.2009 0:12

Time for the hackers to get to work and make it so any hdd will work and load games off of the hdd

514.3.2009 0:37

yes it does sound like it will be ssd and as DSWarrior said the price will most likely be very high

614.3.2009 0:38

Ya, they already have wiiware games that will work off of the 512 internal HD right now. Can't wait to see what the hackers will do with the USB drive.

714.3.2009 10:23

Why get this when you can get a WiiZii with a huge SATA drive instead? Since it will be a proprietary hard drive (like the 360) it will be overpriced I'm sure. Not to mention it doesn't have the features of the WiiZii. Sure it won't handle VC/WW but the Big N said that it was planning on allowing running of those titles from SD cards.

814.3.2009 23:11

Couldn't they start by making an update that can read a 2GB SD card as part of the total system memory to avoid the moving items back and forth. If you fill up the 512MB its a pain to have to move your game downloads and game saves back and forth between the memory.

98.4.2009 8:38

Umm can't we do this allready. I've read numerous threads on USB to HDD. Or am I wrong?

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