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Sony Reader will get third-party ads

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 May 2009 19:29 User comments (3)

Sony Reader will get third-party ads Sony has announced that its popular e-book reader, the Sony Reader, will soon be getting third-party advertisements in an effort to gain revenue from the platform.
Steve Haber, president of the company's digital reading division, adds that the Reader is giving publishers new ways to generate revenue, especially as traditional media continues to see declining profits.

“There are so many avenues for the [e-reader] industry to grow, including advertising; this is truly the beginning,” Haber notes.

“Advertising is not part of the business model at the moment but I would imagine that when it comes to periodicals, newspapers and magazines, those businesses are built around the advertising model so I would imagine it going in that direction,”
Haber added.

Earlier this month, the company launched an updated version of the device, dubbed the Danielle Steel Limited Edition.

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3 user comments

113.5.2009 20:54

Wow... Just.... Wow.

So I can either buy the Superior Kindle that has NO ads, or I can buy the Sub-Par Sony one and be bombarded by ads when I read my books...

Once again Sony has missed the point entirely.

214.5.2009 21:53

Hah! As I read this article, there's 2 Kindle ads being displayed. I wonder if A.D. had anything to do with that.

315.5.2009 12:04

its popular e-book reader
Really? I thought the Kindle was kicking Sony's rear.

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