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Blu-ray will be half of market sales by 2012, says Futuresource

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jun 2009 0:31 User comments (5)

Blu-ray will be half of market sales by 2012, says Futuresource According to Futuresource Consulting, despite slower than expected growth, Blu-ray software sales will account for 50 percent of all home entertainment business by 2012.
Additionally, the company lowered its expectations for 2009, from 95 million discs sold to 75 million discs, specifically citing weak attachment rate with PlayStation 3s, which remain the most popular Blu-ray players. According to the group, PS3 owners only purchase 2 Blu-ray films per year, while standalone owners purchase 5-8 per year.

“This is all about pricing,” adds Alison Casey, Futuresource head of global content. “In 2012, you’ll see entry-level Blu-ray pricing at $50. At that point, Blu-ray will become mass market.”

Blu-ray sales will continue to help offset declining DVD revenues, caused by a saturated market which is now forced to sell DVDs at cheaper prices than ever in history.

“Blu-ray is vital and important to keeping disc volume healthy,” said Casey. “Blu-ray is going to help sustain a flat packaged-media market.”

Futuresource also adds that Blu-ray owners are unusually heavy media consumers, in comparison to non-BD owners.

A recent survey by the group says "85% of Blu-ray households said they buy discs versus 62% of non-Blu-ray owners." For purchasing new movies online, "the breakdown was 11% Blu-ray, 3% non-owners."

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5 user comments

128.6.2009 0:43

That's when the world is suppose to end.

Ah, clever...

228.6.2009 1:33

the world will end when it crashes into the big red sun, or the ozone depletes which ever comes first. my moneys on the ozone. ether way its going to be hotter than hell.

328.6.2009 2:57

If I live to see New Year's Day 2013, I'll embrace Blu-Ray.

428.6.2009 21:55

If the world ever ends you'll just have to download the .torrent to get it back.

BR will be half of sales, DVD will be other half... and the two together won't add up to 1/10th of illegal downloads.

529.6.2009 21:05

I call shenanigans! With all the emerging technologies that are better than Blu-Ray and more and more people streaming their media thanks to services like NetFlix and Hulu, and YouTube I think that the disc Media is dying. Blu-Ray is going the way of Beta-Max...Thanks Sony. Kill off the lower cost alternative HD-DVD which provided the same image quality with your high pressure tactics and after all the years it has been out it has failed to be embraced. In 3 years we will see you on life support as the rest of the world moves on.

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