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Palm Pre headed to Verizon next year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Jul 2009 1:00 User comments (3)

Palm Pre headed to Verizon next year Verizon executives noted this week that the phone carrier will begin selling the Palm Pre in 2010, after the smartphone is no longer exclusive to Sprint.
Denny Strigl, Verizon’s president and operating chief, during a quarterly conference call with analysts, added that the company will also offer an updated Blackberry Storm and an Android-based phone. “You can expect to see a steady stream of attractive devices coming from Verizon Wireless,” he added, via the WSJ.

Strigl also noted that noticeable "negative impact" was seen in the company's sales when AT&T began selling the iPhone 3GS in June.

“When you think about what Apple has done in bringing the iPhone into the marketplace, it truly has accelerated innovation,”
he said. “And as we talk to all of our manufacturers, everybody has come out with their own iconic device, and I think that this has been very good overall for our customers.”

Overall, Verizon posted 2Q earnings of $1.48 billion USD on revenue of $26.86 billion USD.

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3 user comments

129.7.2009 1:07

in this day in age it is a shame to see any hardware locked to a specific network.

229.7.2009 4:31

Couldn't agree with you more. I mean don't these telcos understand that if a phone is available to ALL carriers, they could sell more of them? What the hell is the matter with them? I think everyone should speak up against these selfish, money-grubbing companies and demand better coverage and better prices. After all, nothing is going to be done about it until somebody speaks out against it. - BLUEBOY

331.7.2009 11:49

YOu can fight back: edited by ddp

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