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'Wii Play' is best selling title of this decade

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2009 13:46 User comments (8)

'Wii Play' is best selling title of this decade According to recent NPD Group numbers, the Wii Play video game is the best selling title of the new millennium (in the US), surpassing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Over 11 million Wii Play units have been sold since 2000, surpassing San Andreas, at 8.25 million.

Wii Fit is well on its way to surpassing GTA as well, with 7.9 million units sold through the end of August. Cammie Dunaway of Nintendo says however that the numbers will be a lot higher after NPD releases their September numbers in a couple of days.

"When we see the September sales, we think that's going to be strong and that'll put us over the eight million mark. And then with October, we'll just have to see," said Dunaway.

In fourth place is GTA: Vice City at 6.9 million followed by Mario Kart Wii at 6.7 million units sold.

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8 user comments

114.10.2009 15:20

Hmm, can you really count a $10 game? Well, $50 but most people bought it for the controller ;)

214.10.2009 19:09

yea... i bought it for the controller.. and then realized.. i should have just gotten the controller because the play games stink. Maybe the "turn the shapes" game is fun.. ish.

314.10.2009 20:21

Same here. It was only ten dollars more than a single controller so hey, here we are.

414.10.2009 21:07

I've got to agree. The game sucks. These sales numbers should not be counted due to the majority of people buying this for the control and not for the game play offered. I played with this for maybe thirty minutes tops, and I haven't looked back since.

This is akin to what some musicians were doing to boost CD sales. They were including a copy of the new CD with concert ticket purchases. These sales numbers counted as legitimate purchases.

Would Wii Sports fall into this category? It would technically be a purchased game.

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515.10.2009 4:39

I would have thought wii sports would be the most sold.

615.10.2009 9:02

It won't be after 11.10.09.

715.10.2009 13:01

I SERIOUSLY don't believe that Wii Play surpassed Grand Theft Auto SD for hottest selling game. Something is wrong here. I think someone should re-evaluate the stats on this one. Either someone coming up with that stat has been monetarily influenced by nintendo to say this, or the guy is a nintendo fan.


819.10.2009 10:43

That still doesn't explain the Wii Fit @ $90 getting ready to surpass GTA:SanAndreas.

The numbers don't surprise was basically only $10 more than the cost of a controller and you get some other stuff to do. If it totally was only $10 and maybe it kept the kids (10 and younger) distracted for a couple of days.

Maybe if GTA:SanAndreas was $10 it would still be the most sold game.

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