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Apple allows app for streaming via 3G

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Oct 2009 14:28 User comments (2)

Apple allows app for streaming via 3G According to The Register, Apple has finally allowed an app into the iPhone App Store that will allow users to stream video via their 3G connections.
The EyeTV app will give Mac and iPhone users the chance to watch live TV or TV recorded to their computers.

Until now, Apple had strictly forbidden video streaming via AT&T's 3G network, purportedly to stop AT&T from seeing a large bandwidth increase.

EyeTV was initially removed from the App Store however, and developer Elgato stated: "Some test code that enabled live TV streaming over the cellular network was accidentally left in the the EyeTV App. Apple requested that we remove the code since their agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network."

The app has been returned to the App Store today however, and 3G streaming is still available.

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2 user comments

119.10.2009 18:57

Well eyetv works on those who have a Mac. Those who don't have a Mac prefer sling media as the choice for streaming video, BUT sling media cannot stream through 3g. It only works using wifi. This is a surprising move by AT&T because of the amount of bandwith that THEY think that this will use. Hopefully, this is a sign for good things to come.

221.10.2009 13:02

The simple fact is that AT&T has oversold their network many times over. They need to restrict features...otherwise the whole network would drag to the point that you could not download text-only email. I blame they chose AT&T (and only AT&T) knowing in advance that their network was already oversold, and that it would become even more oversold with the iPhone plan. This situation was made even worse by the iPhone 3G...and again Apple chose to stick with AT&T, knowing the situation better than anyone.

AT&T has been a terrible company for a long time...this started in the days when they were a telecomunications monopoly in many areas, but it has persisted even as their monopoly degraded into a sub-standard network of oversold cell towers and rotted telephone lines. At this point, they have the policies of a monopoly with the infastructure of an underdog. Apple seems to like this (it mirrors their own corportate structure)

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