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Need For Speed series surpasses 100 million sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2009 2:24 User comments (3)

Need For Speed series surpasses 100 million sales The ever-popular Need For Speed racing series has surpassed 100 million in sales, says Electronic Arts, pushing it into the elite club with four other franchises.
The other members of the club are The Sims, Pokemon, Mario and Grand Theft Auto.

Need For Speed was originally developed in 1994 and there have been 15 titles since. Since 2003's Need For Speed: Underground, EA says over 60 million copies have been sold.

EA's latest, "Shift," was released last month and NFS: Nitro is set to hit next month for the Wii.

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3 user comments

126.10.2009 4:09

Yeah I bought the original NFS. It was the first computer game I ever got. Later when NFS2 came out, I found it wouldn't run so well on my 166Mhz machine so I brought it back. Never bought any other NFS games after that.

226.10.2009 22:37

However the series hasnt deserved a single sale in reacent history.

327.10.2009 14:44

Eh, 'Underground' was where it went downhill for me, the series forgot it's roots entirely. Most Wanted was alright, but the series just hasn't been the same, it started trying too hard to be Midnight Club's format. -I didn't like Midnight Club for that very reason. Just not my thing, same thing that turned me off of Burnout Paradise. Every racer doesn't need to be a free-roaming homage to "Pimp my Ride".

I like the series' humble beginnings, even up till Hot Pursuit II(The highlight of the series), but it's really lost it's way.

I suppose it's less risky from a bureaucratic perspective to stick to the same gameplay as everyone else, but I would have liked to see them stay with the more 'raw fun' oriented arcadey gameplay as before.

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