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Netflix on Wii deal within 12 months, says Pachter

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Oct 2009 17:37 User comments (7)

Netflix on Wii deal within 12 months, says Pachter Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has called Netflix's recent move to bring their streaming service to the Sony PlayStation 3 as an "intermediate step" mainly designed to allow the service without breaking an exclusivity deal the company has with rival Microsoft's Xbox 360.
For the time being, users will have to insert a disc into their PS3s to have the streaming features as it will not be part of the actual firmware until 2010.

Pachter believes the disc is a necessity to avoid breaking the deal with Microsoft.

"We believe that the exclusive arrangement limits Netflix’s ability to appear on the 'dashboard' for the PS3 or the Wii, but because both devices have open architecture Internet browsers built-in, the solution proposed for the PS3 would likely not violate the terms of Microsoft’s exclusivity," says Pachter. "We anticipate that a similar arrangement will be announced for the Wii in the next 12 months."

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127.10.2009 18:37

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227.10.2009 23:41

Rockstar should take the hint...I want Liberty City Stories on the PS3, even if I have to use a BluRay movie to start the game.

328.10.2009 3:55

Pachter full of shit, says Nintenut.

428.10.2009 13:03

Can the Wii even handle streaming a DVD without killing itself?

529.10.2009 2:19

Originally posted by nintenut:
Pachter full of shit, says Nintenut.
Chris agree's.

629.10.2009 19:34

It's moot...fastest Internet I can get at my house 20 mi north of Houston is 512K DSL. No streaming video from anywhere...Youtube is barely watchable without just putting it on pause for a few minutes before watching.

71.11.2009 2:25

Originally posted by Amak:
Can the Wii even handle streaming a DVD without killing itself?

I love my Wii, but I can see that little bastard going up in flames trying to stream!

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