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PS3, Xbox 360 to see price cuts again in 2010, says Pachter

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Feb 2010 17:13 User comments (14)

PS3, Xbox 360 to see price cuts again in 2010, says Pachter Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has said today that he expects the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to receive price cuts again this year, which will lead to the Wii being forced into a price cut as well, in order to keep the remaining price advantage it has over its rivals.
"The Wii enjoyed a $350 price advantage over the PS3 at launch, and a $150 advantage until September. Now, the gap has narrowed to $100, with the feature-laden PS3 a tempting purchase for prospective console households," says Pachter.

"The holiday Wii sales boost was primarily attributable to a $50 gift card promotion offered by Wal-Mart; while we expect similar promotions at holiday next year, we expect the other consoles to be lower-priced by then, further eroding the Wii's competitive price advantage."

Pachter also says that the DSi handheld is most likely overpriced, compared to the iPod Touch, which offers a plethora of free apps as well as better music and video playback capabilities.

"It appears that piracy in Europe and some substitution of iPod Touch games has impacted DS software sales more than we expected, and we have adjusted our estimates for FY:11 to account for further pressure," said Pachter, noting that guidance had to be reduced for DS software.

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14 user comments

11.2.2010 17:50

more likely they will drop the 160 version and cut 20-30 euros to the 250.

Wii for sure needs an price cut, especially if you look the 360 price.
Here wii sports pack cost 190euros and with 9euros more you get 360Arcade+2nd controller+3games.

21.2.2010 17:50

Question is WHEN the price cuts are going to be for this year? I suspect September - October but from what the article says when you read between the lines it going to be even earlier than that. Would be kind of nice if it was around springtime, but then again, i bought the PS2 at the same price as the PS3 is now, so i dunno. As for the DS since it has saturated sales this is to be expected. Extra money for them to pocket!! - BLUEBOY

31.2.2010 21:45

Just some thoughts, Both MS and Sony are trying to sell more consoles, hence more games sold. Also, are they trying to move a large surplus of stock, and have a new improved model coming out when stocks of the older model are low, so new entrants will have to pay $$$$ for the newer model, as the older model has all been sold. Yes, I know, I'm being cynical, but I have been right more times than I've been wrong.Remember, these companies are there to make money, and you don't make as much by discounting, unless it is for a reason, find the reason, and then you can decide.

41.2.2010 21:59

Why does anybody post articles from Michael Pachter?

Totally honest, has he EVER been right?

51.2.2010 22:44

Originally posted by jookycola:
Why does anybody post articles from Michael Pachter?

Totally honest, has he EVER been right?
How about microcrap doesnt lower the prices and give me an xbox that doenst get 3 red rings or 2 or 1 wtf. aaahhhhhhh. i already own all 3 next gen systems so i dont care if they lower the prices or not.

62.2.2010 2:57

Yeah, anything MR. Pachter says should be ignored. The man has been wrong so many times it's crazy that sites keep quoting him. I know he's only an analyst but he's not a very good one. So it'd be nice if Afterdawn stopped quoting him..leave the goons at GameSpot and to quote him.

72.2.2010 6:18

Pachter's an idiot who keeps saying "price cuts are coming" over and over every month or two and then pats himself on the back for being right when it eventually happens. It's like constantly claiming McDonalds is about to add a new menu item over and over until it eventually happens. Predicting the obvious is easy for ANYONE w/ half a brain to do.

82.2.2010 11:41

The cheaper PS3 Gets the more kids you will see online messing up the shooting games for us adult kids.

92.2.2010 12:55

Interesting, good to see that they are lowering prices although they should have done it sooner. They could sell their consoles at cost and still make huge profits off games, DLC and accessories (I mean come on who really thinks that a PS3 controller costs 50.00 to make?. At least thats what I believe.

102.2.2010 15:26

Originally posted by NINVIN21:
The cheaper PS3 Gets the more kids you will see online messing up the shooting games for us adult kids.
That's one of the big differences I hear between PS3 and 360...PS3 owners are about 8-10 years older on avg and many 360 owners I know (who are between 23-35yo) can't stand the stupidity of all the apparently ~12yos on XBL and prefer not using any online chat because of it.

114.2.2010 0:09

yes about this analyst I COULD PREDICT A PRICE CUT. It doesn't take much sense to figure they're going to drop the price again.

124.2.2010 6:59

Some discounting taking place in Australia, just bought X box 360 elite bundled with two games, and a 50% off two extra games, console plus two game $388, list price $449. 120 gig hard drive, and games I wanted, so great deal. Were selling Arcade for $199, another retailer advertising arcade bare bones for $239. Just wondering if discounting telling us that maybe newer versions with updated optical drive coming, now HD player gone, maybe blu-ray coming out? Anyway, happy with what I got, got games not on ps3 lists I wanted. Also they threw in extra 2 year extended warranty for free. Looking at receipt, I got 60% of the two extra games, and they had been discounted, so $28 for Fable 2. Bargain.


1315.2.2010 19:04

We just got a wii and noticed that there are several options for moding the system. Can anyone advise which is the best to use?

1416.2.2010 10:26

Please visit our Wii forum in our console section located here for general questions and information. Our Ultimate Sticky Sticky will help you on your way with a few answers and options you may have.

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