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Viacom pulls popular shows from Hulu

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Mar 2010 20:11 User comments (5)

Viacom pulls popular shows from Hulu Hulu, one of the most popular online video streaming sites in the United States, had some bad news to note today, reporting that Viacom has pulled two of its most popular shows, "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report."
"The Daily Show" is the third most-watched show on the site, and Colbert's show usually ranks in the top 7.

Viacom does say that they will not be completely getting out of the streaming business, however.

Reads the press release:

Comedy Central has made “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” available to consumers through Hulu since June 2008. Although that agreement has concluded, full-length episodes of each show will remain available at and, respectively.

Hulu was one of the many digital distribution partners we’ve worked with over the past few years to add new outlets for our valuable and powerful content and to help drive the businesses of our partners. We had a great experience with Hulu, and we hope to work with its team again in the future.

Hulu has around 44 million monthly visitors.

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5 user comments

13.3.2010 9:55

Oh noes. I watched the Daily Show on Hulu about 2-3 times a week. Hopefully the new episodes will keep streaming on

23.3.2010 14:18

They woke up and smelled the $$$ signs. They realized it was hugely popular, and now, instead of streaming it for free, they they pulled it while they cook up a "business model" for it. Meaning.......say goodbye to free Daily Show and Colbert Report.


33.3.2010 14:44

It doesn't look like they'll be charging us (the average consumer) for it, but at least this way they can make money off ads shown on their own site. If they do charge us then I'll just DVR it. It's not that crucial that I see the show, honestly.

43.3.2010 16:29

viacom.. hulu.. DILLIGAF.. all available on streams or straemtorrent within hours anyway.. fail XD

54.3.2010 10:51

Wonder if Fancast will still offer them. Better selection than Hulu if you ask me...

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