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Nintendo 3DS to have rumble, accelerometer

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Mar 2010 12:34 User comments (4)

Nintendo 3DS to have rumble, accelerometer The Japanese Nikkei has reported on some more still-unconfirmed details of the Nintendo 3DS, which was just announced yesterday.
So far what is confirmed is that the 3DS will not require special 3D glasses, will have full support for DS and DSi games, and will be officially unveiled at the E3 event in June.

The Nikkei adds, via CrunchGear:

- Nintendo says the 3DS will be the first device of its kind.

- It will be sold, probably in Japan first, in the latter half of this year.

- Nintendo considers giving the 3DS a 3D joystick, force feedback and an accelerometer.

- The company already secured patents for several 3DS-related technologies last year.

- Compared to its 2D-based predecessors, the new device will feature improved wireless communications speed and battery life.

- The screen will be not be larger than four inches (the DSi XLs screen is 4.2 inches).

The price is still up for debate, as is when it will become available in the U.S.

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4 user comments

125.3.2010 10:31

Yet another Nintendo DS version so how many DS versions does this make now i lost count.

225.3.2010 12:57

DS Phat
DS Lite
DS XL (or was it DSi XL)

3DS? Interesting... but I stopped at DSi, I thought the DSi was cool and all, but eh, not much different from the DS Lite.

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327.3.2010 02:22

I stopped at Virtual Boy...perhapse they will make a whole new generation of gamers stop buying from them with their next 3D mobile...

44.7.2010 14:33
Unverified new user

i stopped (and started) with the ds lite, who cares about a camera? thats what phones are for. i just wish nintendo would move on and start makeing new things for the ds, pokemon died after they made 3rd gen pokemon, hourglass was just terrible, prime hunters was a fun game but the controls sucked, why cant nintendo copy team 17 and make games like worms?

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