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Sony creating PlayTV2 PVR for PS3

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Jun 2010 20:56 User comments (6)

Sony creating PlayTV2 PVR for PS3 Back in 2008, Sony launched the PlayTV PVR (personal video recorder) for the PlayStation 3, giving gamers in Europe and Australia a chance to to use their console as a DVR, one that can record TV, even if they are playing games.
According to an interview with Spong, Sony Cambridge Studio's Mark Green has confirmed that an updated version of the PVR is coming, dubbed PlayTV2.

When asked by the interviewer what was currently in development at the studio, Green responded: "Well, as a whole studio, I think you saw TV Superstars for Move announced a little while ago. We're still working on PlayTV, PlayTV 2. And then we have other guys working on other concepts..."

The updated device will have social networking features such as Facebook integration being built-in. Another rumored addition is that of Freeview HD support, giving users a chance to watch free terrestrial TV.

PlayTV (the original) cost 99 euro when it launched in September of 2008.

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6 user comments

11.6.2010 22:50

I hope it is the NTSC version...with cablecard support.

22.6.2010 3:56

be cheaper to buy a freeview pvr . Or use ur sky hd box to record

32.6.2010 7:49

What will it cost?

42.6.2010 8:01
Unverified new user

I agree with KillerBug. I believe an NTSC version could continue strong sales of the PS3 in the states, or even boost them. I haven't checked up on the numbers lately, but last i checked, PS3 was selling very well (thus many places were sold out). Also, it would give the PS3 another advantage over the Xbox on the home front, and I am truly surprised an NTSC version hasn't been released yet. More then that though, I will probably look into a freeview pvr or the sky hd box that jasonx1 brought up.

53.6.2010 19:51

give me freeview HD and im sold.

620.7.2010 6:34
Unverified new user

Why not add a Freesat receiver on the new playtv?

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