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Android phones getting PSX, N64 emulators

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jun 2010 1:47 User comments (8)

Android phones getting PSX, N64 emulators Developer ZodTTD, best known for his work on emulators for the iPhone, has said today that a PlayStation 1 (PSX) emulator is very close to being launched for Android devices running firmware 2.0 or later.
Without giving any timetable, ZodTTD also noted that an N64 emulator was coming in the future.

ZodTTD partnered with Nesoid and Gameboid authors to use the interface that is likely familiar to Android users that have been using the NES and GB emulators for months.

The PSX emulator will have the ability for fullscreen, and controls works via the touchscreen, physical buttons and the trackball, depending on what your device has and your personal preference.

Currently, the emulator cannot yet hit the "sweetspot" of 60fps, but performance increases are expected for upcoming builds.

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8 user comments

16.6.2010 2:17


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26.6.2010 8:08

It's cool and a nice start but I don't like the touch screen controller enough to get it, I'll just stick to the PSP

36.6.2010 15:55

I don't think my G1 would run this at all even after I put it on 2.0! But when I do get a new phone this will be an app I need to get. The controls won't be too bad for turn based games like one of my favourites, Front Mission 3. They won't be bad for some platformers either. I'll probably put both the Abe games on.
Can't wait! Saves me carrying my PSP with me as well!

46.6.2010 22:54

I think you can pair a dualshock 3 with an android (if not, you will be able to soon after the PSX emmu is released). If they are getting close to 60FPS on android 2.1, then 2.2 should push them over the edge...that would be sweet; but I think I would need USB mass storage support for all the ISOs.

Just thought of something...the new dual core arm is a 1.2GHZ from what I can tell, giving a total of 2.4GHZ, combine that with android 2.2, and you might have the power for PSP emulation! That would be great...if Motorola beat sony to the PSPhone.

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58.6.2010 23:16

dualcore 1.2GHz doesnt means 2.4GHz. and IICR snapdragon has a LOT more power than the PSPs CPU, just anriod istn built around playing games.

but how does one use PSX controls withthe shoulderbuttons via touchh?

68.6.2010 23:17

"but how does one use PSX controls withthe shoulderbuttons via touchh?"

On my droid, you could use the camera and volume buttons.

78.6.2010 23:47

much love. this is very tempting for me to get a second phone just for gaming, that or a pandora.

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814.6.2010 17:13

Hopefully Froyo or whatever my Samsung Moment can get will have better controller compatibility. I have the MSI bluetooth controller, and I'm just waiting for good news. Trying to use the keyboard or touchscreen controls just flat sucks.

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