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Google stops online sales of the Nexus One smartphone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jul 2010 19:32 User comments (3)

Google stops online sales of the Nexus One smartphone Google announced last week that HTC had shipped out the last batch of Nexus One smartphones, and the phone would reach the end of its lifespan once Google sells the remaining stock.
That day has come and Google has stopped selling the devices, effectively ending their "superphone" experiment.

Google had offered the device for $530 unlocked or $180 with contract through T-Mobile.

Would-be buyers visiting the Nexus One online store are now greeted with this message: "Sorry, folks. The Nexus One is no longer available for purchase directly from Google."

The Nexus One was supposed to "fundamentally change the way phones are sold," but it never really did. Buyers were not satisfied with the 360 degree virtual tour of the phone, preferring to feel and actually see the device before purchasing it.

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3 user comments

121.7.2010 21:05

I think buyers also wanted a face they could shout at if it went wrong.
or even some ears they could shout into.

Google is great, I, like pretty much everyone, use lots of their products. But it must be said they don't really have any kind of help system other than unofficial forums.

We all hate zombie call centres, but we hate them because they are of little help. You can get less help then no one official to speak to at all.

having said that, i didn't buy an n1 from them, so perhaps they did have a call centre and i'm talking out of my arse. But frankly, i got an htc desire instead.

222.7.2010 1:07

I got a nexus one and I love it. I liked the option to buy it online but I would have liked it if I could have got a subsidized phone from one of my local carriers more.

322.7.2010 13:19

The reason I didn't buy one was they had zero pre-sales support. Everything looked good, but I had an important question to ask about it (which I don't remember right now). I called the support phone number and was surprised to find there was absolutely no way to speak with someone until you already owned the phone. In my experience, the best support usually comes BEFORE the sale and then fizzles quickly after you already invested. I decided to make due with my current device.

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