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Pandora hits 60 million users

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Jul 2010 1:42 User comments (5)

Pandora hits 60 million users Pandora has announced today that they have reached 60 million registered listeners, seeing strong growth thanks to availability on a plethora of devices.
When 2009 began, the streaming music recommendation service had 20 million users. By the start of 2010 they had 40 million. It took until April to reach 50 million, and just over 3 months from that point to tack on another 10 million registered listeners.

Pandora says the growth is mainly thanks to expansion on mobile devices. Apps on the iPhone and Android devices are regularly the most popular free apps available and Apple finally updated to mutli-tasking with iOS4, giving users the ability to stream the music in the background, via 3G or Wi-Fi.

Android users have always had that ability.

Furthermore, Pandora is now becoming a standard on set-top boxes from many different device manufacturers.

If the trend continues, Pandora will hit 100 million listeners during early 2011. Not to mention they are also finally profitable after being on the verge of bankruptcy last year.

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5 user comments

122.7.2010 2:07

...and I still have to use a proxy to listen cause I'm in Canada.

222.7.2010 3:19

I am not sure if pandora realize this of your service are up and you want to charge me when my free 40 hrs./mo are over ,I never listen to pandora

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322.7.2010 8:06

not in the UK anymore thanks to SONY, WARNER, EMI, UNIVERSAL, the scum that make up the RIAA

422.7.2010 18:20

Program barely works on Android with low quality music.

523.7.2010 8:51

Pandora should thank Myspace for killing off imeem. after imeem was shutdown i use Pandora for about 2 weeks and it suck bad. i have to delete my Pandora account. now i use

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