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Droid X rooted within a week of launch

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Jul 2010 0:36 User comments (5)

Droid X rooted within a week of launch Steven Bird, the dev who goes by the alias "Birdman" has posted today that he has successfully rooted the Motorola Droid X, just six days after launch, easing worries that the locked-down smartphone would take weeks or even months to root.
There have been no custom ROMs created yet, but those are likely in the works over the next few weeks.

Says Phil Nickinson of Android Central: "We're talking root access, not custom ROMs just yet. But it's a big step. You'll need to be handy with the command line (and if you can copy and paste, you should be) and read the instructions, because everything on the Droid X will have root access after this."

Root access, and eventually custom ROMs, will give Droid X owners the advantages that other rooted Android device owners have, including the ability to backup your system to the SD card, superuser access to the Android operating system, running apps that require root, the ability to remove all apps installed on your phone (including MotoBLUR) and the ability to save apps to the SD card, to save internal memory space.

You can view a full tutorial here: Gaining root access to the Droid X

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5 user comments

123.7.2010 1:22

I have to say I the Droid X and the HTC EVO4G are the only phones in the US that have a chance at the Iphone.
Got my hands on my friends EVO. The (HTC Sense) user interface is really great. Not to mention the HDMI output actually surprised my on a 32' HDTV.
Haven't got my hands on the Droid X yet, heard nothing but good news!
I'm stuck with my iPhone 3G until the iPhone4 issues are solved

223.7.2010 2:06

If the droidx had 4G support (or at least 3.9G support like the Evo), it would easily be the best phone on the market. Now that it has been rooted, the DroidX is easily the best 3G phone out there.

BTW...apps2sd is rather pointless on this phone. They give you 8GB of internal storage; there can't be more than a few people on earth that have that many apps!

323.7.2010 2:43

im really liking what i see with the droid x ,cant wait to get my hands on one

424.7.2010 23:33

I wish they wouldn't put these buttons. Why does the motorola phones have to look so ugly? Anyways I like how android keeps bringing better phones non stop... Someone is always looking for something new...

526.7.2010 12:07

DROID X owner here.. thanks BirdMan!!!!!

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