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GGF wants to buy Demonoid, Demonoid doesn't want to be purchased

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2010 2:48 User comments (6)

GGF wants to buy Demonoid, Demonoid doesn't want to be purchased Global Gaming Factory (GGF) made headlines last year when it announced plans to purchase the infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay for $7.8 million.
The acquisition failed when CEO Hans Pandeya could not come up with the money by a certain deadline.

Pandeya wanted to turn Pirate Bay into a legal media store, using the site's popularity and traffic to its advantage.

TF posted today that Pandeya had moved on to another popular tracker, wanting to purchase the huge semi-private Demonoid tracker.

"I have finally managed to get some funds in place and want to acquire Demonoid and some other sites to execute my plans. I lost a year and a fortune due to Aktietorget’s [the equity marketplace] acrobatics during my attempt to acquire The Pirate Bay in 2009 but I think it is still not too late to acquire and convert torrent sites," said Pandeya.

Demonoid, however, has no plans to be sold. Finishes TF: We were told that he has no intention to sell the site to Global Gaming Factory. This means that Pandeya has to find another candidate to carry out his plans. Demonoid will remain as it is.

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6 user comments

121.8.2010 2:53

Cool...way to go demonoid.

221.8.2010 4:17

boring we have heard it all before, this guy is nothing but hot air

321.8.2010 15:42

'This just in'............somebody wants to buy something from someone that doesn't want to sell.............Deal falls through.

On another note, GOOD F'ing LUCK with transitioning TBP into a legal site. That would be like eliminating crime from my fair city of Chicago..............NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

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421.8.2010 21:46

so true how many demonoid users plan to start paying a monthly fee for the exact same service.

521.8.2010 22:54

absolutely 0, ha the cheap ass average computer user would not pay for a program when they know if searched they can get it for free. TPB takes the fun out of searching and provides a free source to information on mostly any Digital Level.

Not only to mention who in their right mind would want to sell a site that would make more money then what the offer is from traffic alone. To sell one of the major web sites of the internet would be crazy not only to mention what this tosser wants to do with it.

61.9.2010 8:59

They ought to try to buy mininova. Oh, I bet they do not have enough traffic to be attractive. They want to be the ones to screw up a major site. If I remember correctly, most of the payment to TPB was to be in stock that would be worthless by the time they would be allowed sell it.

GGF needs to build their own site from the ground up. I guess they have already tried that.

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