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iSuppli: Dell retakes second place in computer market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2010 3:02 User comments (6)

iSuppli: Dell retakes second place in computer market After falling to third place last year behind perennial leader HP and Acer, iSuppli has reported this week that Dell has retaken second place in the PC manufacturing market.
Overall, PC shipments increased this quarter to 82 million, with Dell taking a 12.8 percent share, just beating out Acer at 12.4 percent.

HP remained the leader at 18 percent.

Despite a decent jump in overall sales, all three of the top manufacturers saw a sales decline. Lenovo, on the other hand, saw an 18.6 percent jump in sales, good enough to take 10.1 percent of the market.

Acer and HP saw the largest declines, with sales falling 6.2 and 6.3 percent, respectively, from the quarter preceding this one.

HP has spent the last sixteen quarters in first place.

Graph via iSuppli:

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6 user comments

15.9.2010 4:41

The article doesnt specify if these are numbers for the NA-market or globally. Im just curious... :)

25.9.2010 4:52

Before someone flames you, check the caption on the image.

Top 5 global PC OEM Ranking. :)

35.9.2010 5:12

Thanks K Sib, Ill blame my tired morning eyes :)

45.9.2010 11:49

Pitty sales don't reflect quality. I have an HP that's crapping out barely a year old. I've had a Toshiba that lasted a couple of years. And work in retail and have seen way too many returns on Acers to risk them. Oh what to do? These rankings help nothing.

55.9.2010 22:04

Build your own, upgrade still necessary... My last build last me about 4 years many upgrades though.

67.9.2010 1:51

Personally owning a HP it has soo many flaws and it does not deserve first place, in saying that neither does Dell. I think the two manufacturers that should share the top two positions cause of consistency are Toshiba and Acer.

HP has some issues with hardware and battery life issues.

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