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Roku launches three new set-top boxes

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Sep 2010 1:40 User comments (1)

Roku launches three new set-top boxes Roku has announced three new set-top boxes this week, each of which are cheaper, smaller and perform better than their predecessors.
The new Roku HD will sell for $60, the Roku XD will sell for $80 and the Roku XDS will sell for $100.

On the lower end, the HD offers 720p streaming, with wired and wireless connectivity. The device is very similar to 2009's Roku HD box, but in a smaller 1" x 5" case. The HD has composite and HDMI outputs.

The mid-level XD has 1080p streaming, with wired and wireless connectivity, including support for 802.11n. Like the HD, the XD has composite and HDMI outputs.

On the high-end, the XDS has 1080p HD streaming, support for dual-band 802.11n, composite and HDMI outputs, optical video output, and a USB port that allows for playback of a number of video files off connected devices, a first for any Roku device.

Finally, each device will have 50 public channels such as Netflix, Amazon on Demand, Vimeo, MLB, UFC, Revision3 and MediaFly.

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113.10.2010 12:04

I wish they'd tell you what video formats they're going to support, if it'll have full mkv support, will the firmware be open, and will the firmware have the ability to support a full featured remote, instead of just their dinky little thing?

I've got a WD HDTV, and it's convenient, but those rat b@st@rds got the free dev from the community, then tried to lock out the firmware, and have no intention of ever supporting mkv fully, and end of life their old products the second they put out a new one. Between that and their other DRM issues on their HDDs, I'm FOREVER done with WD.

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