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iPad has fastest adoption rate ever, beating DVD player

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Oct 2010 15:45 User comments (1)

iPad has fastest adoption rate ever, beating DVD player According to new data from Bernstein Research, the Apple iPad has the fastest adoption rate of any non-phone electronics device, ever.
iPads are selling at a rate of 4.5 million units per quarter, handily beating the iPhone and the DVD player, which sold at a rate of under 1 million per quarter when first released.

"The iPad did not seem destined to be a runaway product success straight out of the box. By any account, the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion," said Colin McGranahan, an analyst for Bernstein.

If this current rate continues, the iPad will help tablets become the fourth largest consumer electronics category in the United States, with an estimated $9 billion in sales.

The top categories are TVs, smartphones and notebooks.

"It is the rare American household that would spend $600-plus dollars on an iPad and buy a TV or a PC or a digital camera in the same month, or the same quarter, or maybe even the same year," added McGranahan.

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1 user comment

15.10.2010 22:58

iPad is only in the lead because no one else will make a decent tablet, and Google is blocking the only OS that could compete with apple. Once people have a choice, the iPad will still be popular, but it won't own the market like it does now.

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