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'Angry Birds' for Android sees 1 million downloads in 24 hours

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Oct 2010 1:38 User comments (7)

'Angry Birds' for Android sees 1 million downloads in 24 hours Rovio Mobile, the developer behind the blockbuster game Angry Birds, recently released a version of the game for Android devices.
The company is offering a full version of the game for free for a limited time in the Android Market after first making it available through their own servers.

Traffic was so high that the servers crashed and Rovio decided to move the app to the Android Market sooner than anticipated.

Rovio has confirmed today that there were over 1 million downloads of the game in just the first 24 hours, marking the fastest an Android app has ever hit the milestone.

Most of Google's applications, along with Skyfire, Adobe Flash 10.1 and others have all hit the milestone but each took weeks if not months to reach 1 million.

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7 user comments

118.10.2010 6:45

Woo go angry birds, i bet Rovio is having a good laugh at Microsoft hahahahaha

218.10.2010 7:39

Yeah...but it is also an attack on apple, as well a a big brand recognition play for their own company.

318.10.2010 8:11

Agreed....Good to see the developers standing up for their rights. But i am sure the release of a free version towards android just after failed MS talks i find funny. But it is their own IP content which they can do whatever they want with as far as i know there is no exclusive contracts out. But good to see they have a foot hold in the market, looking forward to what they bring out next.

418.10.2010 13:11

oh! so they are the same guys who made the Bounce game!

518.10.2010 20:29

I could never really get into angery birds. I'm more of a Peggle man.
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618.10.2010 22:16

I played the first few levels, but it got boring quick. Still, can't complain about a free game.

719.10.2010 16:43

I downloaded "Angry Birds" because of all the hype... and it was free...
But seriously? A bird a Slingshot and a pile of blocks?
I don't get it.
I'll stick with my HomeRun game... thanks

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