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Samsung, Google to launch Nexus Two next week?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Oct 2010 0:33 User comments (3)

Samsung, Google to launch Nexus Two next week? According to a number of sources, Samsung and Google are set to unveil the Nexus Two next week, the first phone to run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
Samsung has already scheduled a major press event for November 8th in NYC.

Adding to the rumor is the fact that Carphone Warehouse has said this week that it will be the exclusive seller of the Nexus Two in the UK for this holiday season.

Google launched the Nexus One in January to much fan-fare. However, sales on T-Mobile were lackluster and the search giant stopped selling the phone a few months ago.

There are few details on the actual device, but Gizmodo got a quick "hands-on" with the device in which they describe a 4.1-inch AMOLED display and a front-facing camera.

More details will be forthcoming.

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3 user comments

130.10.2010 3:36

I'm going to hold out with my HTC Hero until some dual core phones make it to the market. As much as the PlayStation Phone interests me I very much dislike that it is only a 1ghz single core.

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230.10.2010 4:02

I've been following this news for a couple of days now. I hope it comes out, and the rumoured specs are true. Even if it doesn't have a 1.2 GHz CPU as rumoured I'm sure it'll still be good. Google should not only bring it to carriers and stores like Best Buy, but also reboot the online store for those of us who don't want to tie into a certain carrier just to get this phone. I'm tired of carriers like Rogers and Telus making people buy a data plan for a Smartphone ($50/month cheapest), if I want internet I can use Wi-Fi for free. Bad enough that Canada has one of the highest phone rates in the world. I was about to pick up the Samsung Fascinate at Telus, or buy an unlocked/no-term Samsung Focus at Rogers, but I'll wait till Nov. 8 for this badboy.

Lol, Nov. 8 also happens to be the same date for WP7 release in North America. Hope I don't get my hopes shattered and find out Samsung is only announcing the Focus or the Galaxy Tab. I think (hope) it's probably going to release, I don't know if anyone remembers reading reports a few weeks ago about Samsung making a "Google Experience Phone"? I just got excited. :)

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331.10.2010 8:04

Hopefully this'll increase the odds of current Galaxy S owners getting Gingerbread. If not from Samsung or Google, then from the community due to similarities in hardware.

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