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Skyfire is back in the iOS App Store, kinda

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Nov 2010 20:44

Skyfire is back in the iOS App Store, kinda Skyfire, the browser application which promises Flash playback on iOS devices, is back in the App Store now, "in batches," after being pulled from the iOS App Store yesterday thanks to extreme demand.
Five hours after going up to sale, the app was showing as "sold out" as the company looked to increase its server capacity.

Skyfire is popular because it takes Flash video, renders and translates it to HTML5 and then redisplays it, showing users a thumbnail they can click to play the video. The browser also works for some Silverlight videos.

The company said at the time: "The user experience was performing well for the first few hours, but as the surge continued, the peak load on our servers and bandwidth caused the video experience to degrade."

CEO Jeff Glueck says today that the browser will be available "in batches" for first time downloaders over the coming week.

"We are taking this approach because Skyfire believes a good user experience should come first, and we would rather have fewer, happier customers, and add new users as we can support them," Glueck added. "We will open the first batches to US users only, with additional country support to follow shortly."

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